Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be leading the trip?

The trip will be led by experienced Camp Director Nick Price and Nate Arms.
They have had many years of experience leading and working in mission teams, youth groups and camping programs and have led the V Journey on other occasions.

Where will I be staying?

We will be staying at a campsite owned by Scripture Union Vanuatu. It is by no means a luxury resort! We’ll be in hut style dormitories on the campsite. Boys and Girls are in separate buildings. Flush toilets and showers will be available. Please note showers are only cold water. The weather will be warm enough that this will not be a concern to the participants. This campsite is a key ministry centre for camps in Vanuatu, and will help you to better experience the culture of the Islands.

Who will be coming?

This trip is available to any NSW school student who is in Years 9 to 12. It is a mission trip, therefore our expectation is that students need to be committed Christians who have a desire to be involved in cross-cultural mission. As well as the students, there will be a group of adults who have been selected by Scripture Union NSW. Each adult has satisfied the requirements of the NSW Working with Children Guidelines.

Is everything included in the price?

The full cost for the trip is $2000. This includes all food, transportation, accommodation and activities. You will need to bring some spending money for purchasing souvenirs and snacks etc. There are ATMs and money exchange facilities in Port Vila. Many of the shops also take major credit cards, and some also have EFTPOS facilities.

When do I need to pay?

A deposit of $900 is required with your application. The balance of payment ($1100) is then due to be paid no later than 14 June 2019.

Is there any chance that the trip may be cancelled?

If we fail to meet the minimum number of participants the trip will be cancelled. In the event of the trip being cancelled by Scripture Union NSW, a full refund will be provided.

What are the travel arrangements?

We aim to keep this trip as affordable as possible, which means flights can involve a stop over. We will notify all participants of flight times and details closer to the departure date.

Do I need to get travel insurance?

No. Travel insurance is included in the cost. However we will need to get more details from you closer to the departure date, to ensure that the insurance information about you is accurate.

Do I need to get a passport and visa?

You will need to have a current passport, but you do not need a visa for Vanuatu. If you don’t have a current passport, it is best to organise this as soon as possible. We will need to get your passport details for the confirmation of your tickets.

Should I visit my Doctor before I go to Vanuatu?

Yes. When traveling overseas it is always wise to consult your GP, so that you can make any necessary preparations.

Can I be contacted while I’m in Vanuatu?

Yes. Port Vila has an internet café. We will also provide you with emergency contact numbers and email addresses. The group will have a mobile phone with them that has international roaming. This number will be made available to students and their families. Students are welcome to bring phones if they have international roaming capabilities. It should be noted that the accommodation site has limited mobile reception. We will however leave the campsite most days and be traveling to areas where reception is better.

What do I bring?

Pack a good assortment of casual light comfortable clothing. It is a tropical zone therefore there isn’t a need for a lot of heavier clothes. If you are uncertain it may be helpful to visit one of the many internet tourist sites for Vanuatu. You will need to bring a raincoat as there is increased rainfall at this time of year in Vanuatu. You will also need to bring a sleeping bag, inner sheet and pillow slip. Please note that due to the heat and humidity, sleeping bags are often too hot to be slept in. There will be a comprehensive packing list provided closer to the departure date.

Are there any cultural issues I should be aware of?

Vanuatu has a very relaxed and friendly culture with a strong Christian heritage. It is important therefore to dress in a way that doesn’t cause offence, particularly when we are attending church or visiting people or places as a group. Female students will need to bring 2 skirts suitable for wearing to church and when visiting schools etc (skirts should be at least knee length). Shorts are fine the rest of the time. Please ensure that you dress modestly whilst in Vanuatu. Please ensure that you don’t bring clothes that may have offensive slogans or graphics.

Should I be bringing valuables?

You will be responsible for any valuables that you bring with you. There aren’t any facilities for these to be locked away.

If you have any questions about V19 that aren't answered here, email us.