Testimonials - The V Journey

9 days. 21 participants. 1 mission.

Every year we walk away from the V Journey utterly exhausted and truly exhilarated. Taking 21 people, 18 between the ages of 8-18 overseas, is not for the faint hearted. For those between these ages, staying at the (shall we say) rustic lodgings of the SU site, helps them to realise that they too are not fainthearted. Cold water showers, no electricity, minimalistic bedding, moths the size of pterodactyls, spiders so big a pterodactyl would choke on them, burnt meals one night, glue-like food the next (yes, I was the chef), sometimes no food at all… you get the picture. It was rough… but we were ready.

We visited many schools and preschools, youth groups, churches, the cascades, the blue hole, the markets, the other side of the Island, even the prison. Everywhere we went we carried the Vanuatu flag to share the Gospel message that burned brightly in our chests. All were given the opportunity to share the Gospel and the hope they have in Jesus and they shared it well. They stepped up and stepped out.

Everyone keeps asking me that question. You know the ‘what was your highlight?’ one. How can I pin it down?

Except to say: it’s a moving image of dark and light and colour. Of high fives, generous smiles, laughter, tears, balloons and bubbles. Every highlight has humans in it, and Christ – our hope – at the centre.

Below is a poem I wrote on my reflection from our prison visit.

6 women in a prison
Holding hands, praying, weeping.
Embracing the bitter pain of poor choice.
6 women in a prison,
4 free women,
2 inmates,
6 sinners,
1 Christ.
Holding hands, praying, weeping.
Embracing the joy of forgiveness, love, hope and grace.
6 women.
6 sinners.
1 Christ.
6 saints.

Laurinda Lawrence (leader)