Port Macquarie Summerlife

Contact information

Trevor Barker: 0438 827 977


As a SUFM Theos mission, we run in a cafe-style setting known as 'Solid Rock Café' aiming to reach people, particularly young people, with the good news about Jesus Christ by building relationships with locals and holiday makers in Port Macquarie, NSW.

As a team member you will experience the following:
- Prayer, singing and learning from God’s Word, as well as meeting in small groups and reflection time.
- We go out to the beaches, town, skate park, and other areas to invite people to the café at night, and begin building relationships.
- At night, we run the Solid Rock Cafe in tents near the beach. People come to the café to chat, hang out and listen to live music. Team members share their testimonies where we seek to present the difference that Jesus makes,
and aim to have conversations about Jesus with the people who come into the cafe.


As a team, partnering with the local Christian community, we aim to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour to the locals and holiday-makers in Port Macquarie aiming to make disciples, and to grow team members and leaders in this process.

To partner with the local churches and Christians to connect with the community by:
- Proclaiming the Gospel in the community
- Encouraging people to respond to Jesus
- Making disciples and encouraging people to become mature in Christ (particularly working with the churches to best facilitate long term discipleship opportunities)

To develop young Christians, into confident proclaimers of Christ who can:
a. Present the gospel clearly, accurately and compellingly
b. Share their testimony
c. Lead a person to respond to the Gospel
d. Serve in a team context
e. Identify and develop their gifts

To develop growing Christian leaders into maturity, competency and reliability, to serve Christ and his Church by:
a) Developing younger Christians
b) Training up other leaders
c) Leading in other aspects of their Christian life

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