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Around The World

Scripture Union is active in over 130 countries around the world,

working to introduce children and young people and families to Jesus

Although the gospel never changes, each culture expresses it in a particular way and so the work is carried out through local people in ways that are appropriate to the country, culture and situation in which a movement is based. This includes running camps, school seminars and student groups or producing resources for Bible reading, family counseling, AIDS education, urban children and youth ministry and ministry to the handicapped.

Scripture Union is an autonomous organisation in each country, linked together by Scripture Union International. SU is primarily a volunteer movement with a small number of full-time staff training, encouraging and coordinating ministry workers around the world.

Scripture Union NSW are a part of Scripture Union Australia and have a close partnership with SU Vanuatu which has included us assisting with the redevelopment of the Vanuatu campsite.