The Bible & Scripture Union

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" Psalm 119:105

Scripture Union seeks to encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer so that they may come to personal faith in our Lord Jesus Christ
; grow in Christian maturity; and
 become both committed church members and servants of a world in need. To this end Scripture Union across the world has produced Bible Reading Guides for many years.

Here are THREE great ways to help you open God's Word regularly:

1. Get Started (or restarted) with E100

E100 is 100 carefully selected readings to give you the big picture of the Bible. This 100 day reading guide is an initiative to encourage your Bible reading discipline.

E100 Planner and Book
Buy the E100 Reading Planner and Companion Book. The 'Big Bible Challenge' is a beautifully illustrated version for children, or families to read together.

E100 iPhone App
Head to the App Store to get the e100 App for your iPhone to get into God's Word wherever you are.

E100 Challenge

The E100 Challenge makes it easy to be encouraged in your progress – in your church, as a group or individually. Just grab the planner and book and away you go.

IT'S FLEXIBLE: Some groups read through one section per week, doing the study in groups. It takes them 20 weeks. Other hard-core readers do one reading per day and make it a "100 day challenge." Some simply pick it up whenever they can and read the next one that they are up to.

IT'S ACHIEVABLE: Most readings are 1-2 chapters long and take around 10mins. If it takes longer or you need an extra day, no problem. There are no dates or deadlines.

IT'S GROUP-FRIENDLY: The E100 Discussion Guide is perfect for small groups.

Grab your E100 Church Registration Pack and read more at The E100 Challenge website.

2. Bible Reading Guides

Since 1879, Scripture Union has been producing printed resources to help you read the Bible regularly. There is a range of guides available in digital and printed formats, so it's easy to find one that suits you – From Daily Bread, Encounter with God, Encounter through the Bible, Closer to God and Being with God for adults, to Air Lock for youth and Snap Shots, Hotshots, Join in - Jump On and Tiddlywinks for kids.

Browse and order online or call SU's Resources for Ministry on (02) 4337 0200 to find the right guide for you.

3. Go Digital with

WordLive, from Scripture Union, is a free, online guide, helping you meet with God devotionally - through the Bible. Each day uses a new Bible passage with fresh multimedia resources to refresh your quiet time with God.

WordLive Website
Get started for free at or choose from three three distinct approaches: Classic, alt and Lectio.

WordLive Podcast
Take WordLive with you wherever you go with our daily podcast! Each podcast contains the day's Bible passage, the main point and a way to respond. It's perfect for downloading and taking with you.

There are five podcasts each week, one for every working day. You can listen to the podcasts on the WordLive Classic session page, or subscribe to it by clicking the Podcast RSS icon on that page.

WordLive Email
Start your day, every day, the right way with an email from WordLive containing Bible study notes and more. Sign up now to receive the free WordLive email that will help you meet with God through his Word. You can receive the contents of WordLive Classic direct to your inbox, including :

• The Bible passage for the day
• A summary of the main point of the passage
• Material to help you go deeper into the Bible text
• Background information to help you study the Bible
• A suggested response to the Bible text.
You can even choose from one of six Bible translations.