Bike Camp Past Rides

Goulburn To Bathurst - 2001

SU Bike Camp 2001 went off with a bang in the first week of the September school holidays with a group of 18 taking on the ride from Goulburn to Bathurst.

We had a great group of kids from all over Sydney (Lugarno, Hurstville, Turramurra, Richmond, Girraween) and as far west as Orange. We also had a fantastic group of leaders to support us as camp directors: Chris Campbell, Jodie Baalbergen and Dave Adams.

We rode an average of 50km per day, which, by the end of camp was easily achieved by the whole group. All up we rode almost 300km. When we drove the route to plan camp during July, it only came to about 270km so there must have been a lot of zig-zagging up hills.

We had one day that was only 28km but it included some of the biggest hills Bike Camp has ever seen! Generally the weather was good to us, except for the ferocious hail at Abercrombie Caves and some torrential rain at Tuena.

Our day off was spent at Tuena where Dave organised a scavenger hunt. It poured with rain but the hunt went ahead and the rest of the day and night were spent spit roasting our clothes dry on the fire.

The Bike Camp Bible studies which are held each morning on camp were about the main aspects of being a Christian: forgiveness of our sins, trusting God, reading the Bible, prayer, going to church and telling people about Jesus.

This year's camp was almost injury-free although the few who left some skin on the road from Goulburn to Bathurst might not agree. Bruce shed some blood on a gravel corner, Jodie shredded her bum as she slid across a causeway with a river flowing across it (her cycling shorts will never be the same) and Greg shaved the corners off one shoulder and a knee during some kind of mid-air stunt. The only things in our paramedic-style first aid kit that made it out of the box were the bandaids and antiseptic.

Our last campfire was spent talking about "Bike Camp Tips" which included some of the following pointers:

Always make sure your bed is smaller than your tent.
A few campers discovered, the hard way, that their camp beds or stretchers were about foot longer than their tent which meant there were some wet feet most mornings.
You can never have enough clean socks on camp.
This is especially useful if you have only just discovered the side effects of the previous Bike Camp tip.
You can never have enough big blocks of chocolate to feed the campers.
Dave blatantly used this as a ploy to get the campers to like him the most.
Never leave a pair of tracksuit pants unattended in case someone likes the look of them.
This is long story, but be warned.
Always look for bike tracks if you come to a fork in the road.
Ruth was unlucky enough to take the wrong fork in the road (well, it wasn't a fork it was a right hand turn but if you're concentrating on peddling, it can happen) and we found her about 6km in the wrong direction.
It is always better to bring your Bible to camp instead of the commentary.
Hamish thought he was so clever bringing the biggest Bible to camp, until he realised it was a commentary instead of the actual Bible.
When swinging off a rope from a tree it is recommended that you let go of the rope at some point.
This is also a long story, but one worth telling. Some of the campers decided to go for a swim in the creek. Aaron noticed that there was a rope hanging off a tree and for entertainment value decided to do a Tarzan show. He climbed the tree braving the prickles in the bushes, took hold of the rope and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee swung off the tree. When you'd expect him to let go and fall in the water, Aaron changed his mind and hung on tight! He swung back into the tree and wrapped his legs around the trunk. That had to hurt.