Bike Camp Past Rides

Bathurst To Dunedoo – 2002

The 2002 ride was from Bathurst to Dunedoo which was almost 400km. This meant that those campers who came last year and rode from Goulburn to Bathurst, have now ridden all the way from Goulburn to Dunedoo!

We covered some serious hills in the first couple of days of camp but this year's group was pretty fast and clocked the first few hundred kilometres over the first few days with ease.

Bronwyn had a major stack on day one when she flew down a hill and ended up in the gravel. She was referred to as Scab Woman after that, but was very brave and rode the rest of the way, even though the whopper on her knee split every time she bent it.

On the second night we camped at Ilford Lavender Farm which goes down as Bike Camp's most luxurious and fragrant camp site ever! We stocked up on lavender bubble bath for our mums, then headed off for our big 94km ride to Mudgee. It was a huge ride but we made it there well before dark and had the luxury of a church hall for accommodation.

We love celebrating birthdays on camp because this gives us an excuse to bake big cakes. This year was Adam's 15th birthday and we surprised him a day early with a birthday dinner, chocolate birthday cake and a present. Half the fun was hiding in the kitchen with party hats on and balloons, waiting for him to walk in! And he looked completely stunned.

After dinner we had a huge burping competition which was won, hands down, by Rob. However, Dave got the best applause for his late, surprise entry.On our day off in Mudgee, we cruised town and overdosed on junk food, played some soccer at the park and then spent the afternoon at the bowling alley.

Before we left town, we rearranged the gravel in the car park of the Uniting Church with a skid competition. First prize went to Steve for length and dust raising and second prize went to Brad for technique and fishtailing. Then we had a mono competition which was won by Damo for height and length and second prize went to Steve for multiple monos in each entry. We were on a roll (and the support vehicles were taking forever to get petrol) so we had a stunt competition! Luke won first prize for his star jump and Tony won second for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus stunt and the great look of concentration.

Back on the bikes, we rode from Mudgee to a bush camp outside the town of Ulan near the open cut coal mine. We rode through a few herds of cattle and flocks of sheep feeding on the side of the road as the drought is really bad out there and the land is very dry.

We had our best camp fire that night, telling stories, playing mind games and roasting marshmallows. Tony deserves special mention here because he is the only camper in the history of Bike Camp to bring his own stash of Jiffy lighters on camp...and they came in very handy.

On the last night of camp everyone gave their "Bike Camp Tips" and some of the memorable ones are:

It is always a good idea to put a new inner tube in when you are repairing a flat, instead of putting the punctured tube back in.
Don't ride too close behind Adam R you'll regret it.
Bring lots of cash on camp $10 lasts about a day when you hoover as much Coke, ice cream and chocolate as these fellas.
Aaron made a request for more puppets on camp - he had a thing for a puppet he found at the church in Mudgee which he affectionately called Sanji and dedicated the rest of camp to his new little friend.
Tony made a request for bigger camp fires on camp but we all told him to be quiet.
It is recommended that when making big decisions (like who is going to stir the casserole) that team huddles/meetings be held to share decision-making.
Luke suggested that we do less riding and more of other stuff like soccer, but the next day he was heard to say "I don't know what I was thinking when I suggested that"...
When cutting cardboard packaging to prevent scratches on your bike in transit, don't cut the gel seat!.

In summary, this year's Bike Camp was a corker. We had perfect weather with tail winds on two days and plenty of sunshine. The injuries on camp were not of the hospital variety, just the Dettol and bandaid sort. All bikes went home in one piece and we had the long weekend to look forward to for a well-earned rest.