Bike Camp Past Rides

Goulburn to Bathurst - 2013

The sun is shining but the weather's cool. I look ahead and see a string of guys in fluoro vests tucked down low on their bikes as they enjoy this long downhill section. I look around and as far as I can see, there’s just beautiful green open countryside, the occasional farmhouse in the distance and lots of cows enjoying the lush pasture. Meanwhile, a group of teenagers between years 9 and 12 break the quiet country serenity as they fly past on their bikes. It’s SU Bike Camp 2013 and everyone’s having a ball.

In SU Bike camp 2013 we ran from Goulburn to Bathurst over a variety of quiet country gravel and bitumen roads, avoiding the busy main roads as much as practical but not exactly making it the shortest distance possible. In fact, over the seven day camp, we covered over 360kms. A day’s riding typically covered around 70km but had stops every 6 kms (or so) to let everyone catch up, have a snack, a drink and a chance to chill. We normally covered more than half of it before lunch.

The best way of describing the riding was; “slightly more intense than relaxed” with just the right amount of teenaged competitiveness and enthusiasm to keep us leaders on our toes. Halfway through the week, we enjoyed a rest day at Abercrombie Caves where we explored the caves, enjoyed God’s creation and generally hung out and took it easy.

Although the ride was the main focus of each day, there was plenty of free time to swap stories of the day’s riding, explore each new campsite or to just relax and chill out. In 2013, the campers came from all around NSW; as far north as the Hawkesbury, as far south as Bega and as far west as Orange. It was great to see how quickly everybody gelled together and became friends despite most not knowing any of the other campers prior to the camp, or only one other camper at best!