Testimonials - Bike Camp


Matthew (camper)

I sincerely recommend Bike Camp for anyone that enjoys the outdoors and having a great time camping with great new friends. It a great time to learn about each other’s interests whether leader or camper and to have fun on the bike, whether you end up falling off or not.

Being a Scripture Union camp, it would appear to be fitting that we crack open God’s word and to learn from what it has to say. We studied 1 Thessalonians where we learnt how to love one another, how Paul’s writings almost 2000 years ago are so relevant to us all today, how to build up and encourage each other as Christians and many more topics that were covered throughout Paul’s letter.

Many things I enjoyed at Bike Camp included campfire games, the quiet times in the mornings, the cycling, the chilling out after a big days riding and the humble toasties.

We travelled 204 kilometres throughout the Central West (from Orange Botanical Gardens to Blayney) in typical weather conditions. The bitter cold, torrential early spring rains and the sunshine hail made the days something that I shall remember for many years to come.

To conclude, Bike Camp is a must-go-to camp or you will live the rest of your existence regretting your life decisions. 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. I loved every minute of it and am sure to be coming back next year, so I will see you then!


Erika (camper)

My name is Erika and this was my second year attending Bike Camp. I found out about this camp through my dad who was a leader on this camp in previous years.

There are many good things about this camp that I enjoyed, like riding and making friends I keep in touch with. Also, the landscapes and scenery you get to cycle through is amazing and are places you wouldn't normally go to.

The testimonies of the leaders were amazing, and you can relate and talk to them about their past experiences and journey with Christ.

I also enjoyed how when I was walking up massive hills, I could relate with what Jesus did when he was on earth: the hardships that he faced. And I was able to reflect on this with the leaders during the day as well.

The rest day at the homestead was definitely a highlight, being able to relax, play games and worship God with the leaders and campers.

If I could change one thing about Bike Camp this year it would be to have CRUNCHY peanut butter not the gross smooth stuff.

We learnt from the book of Timothy and how although he had numerous flaws, he had sincere faith and God had an almighty plan for him as he does with us. I guess that challenged me because sometimes at school I feel timid and embarrassed about sharing my faith, but I now I know that Timothy was the same and he was still a disciple of Christ, and so am I.

I don't have favourite meal but the meal preparation and washing up were my favourite because it was funny splashing each other with bubbles and coming up with stories one word at a time.

Bike Camp challenged me because the hills never seemed to end, but once you got to the top you could see how far you had come. "What goes up must come down" was a very common saying during the camp.

I made heaps of friends on this camp and on the last day you don't want it to end. Thank goodness for the invention of social media!

Macklin (camper)

I first found out about Scripture Union through a local friend of mine, and by attending an awesome SU Ag Camp in September last year.

With a love for cycle, I decided to go on Bike Camp, even though I didn't know anyone there at first.

The camp started at Denman and finished in Wollombi, both west of Newcastle. Between the two was 200 kilometres of track and mountain range that we had to ride. Sounds exhausting, right? Well it was - but we still had a great time along the way. Each hill was another victory and we had plenty of stops. So there was lots of time to have a chat and muck around.

Each night, one of the leaders would share about a 'God moment' that happened in their life and a bit about their story as a Christian. I found this awesome and very inspiring.

The food was great too (especially after covering 40 kilometres on a bike). My favourite meal would have to be the beek stroganoff with couscous.

We spent our precious rest day at a homestead in the middle of the mountains, which we all loved, and would have to be of the highlights of camp.

By the end of camp I got to know and be motivate by some mature Christians. Thanks to the daily Bible studies I walked away with more knowledge about God. Also, I made several new friends, and had a great time.

Meg (camper)

My experiences on Bike Camp we absolutely amazing and have changed the way I view myself, and how I interact with others. I cannot speak highly enough of the experiences I had and the memories I will cherish forever from our week of riding.

As I had never been on an SU Bike Camp before, I was little unsure about how it would go. But the leaders were so accepting, welcoming and generous that it took no time at all the feel at home with them. The other kids who went on the ride were amazing and hilarious, and I will always cherish the relationships that I formed with each one of them over just one week.

The actual riding is great. Although it tests and pushes you, it reveals things about yourself and others that you wouldn't have known existed. It reveals your strength and resilience and creates a bond between the campers that can't be formed under any other circumstance.

Each morning and night, everyone would gather around the campfire as a family to sing and do a Bible study. This united everyone and gave us time to reflect on our lives and the paths we are taking.

I enjoyed this camp beyond words and would recommend it to absolutely everyone. The leaders in particular were unbelievable kind and fantastic role models and mentor who cared for us no matter our backgrounds or temperaments. I hope we can all do it again next year!


Guy (camper)

On the 20th of September we left Bathurst. Ahead was a 326km bike ride full of danger, hills, and excitement and for me: a lot of coming off my bike. This year was my first ever time on bike camp and I was not quite sure what to expect. Having heard about it through my school I decided (with a bit of encouragement from my parents) to go on bike camp. I left Bathurst feeling both scared and excited for what lay before me.

While on bike camp the thing I enjoyed most was the 10km single track we did at the winery on the second last day. My second favorite thing on bike camp was being able to get up each morning and have half an hour or so of quite time where it was just God and I.

Another great part of bike camp was hanging out with all the other campers at the end of each day.

At the start of bike camp I was not very good with the technical side of bike riding. However, during the week I improved greatly. This was thanks to Russell (one of our leaders) who did a training afternoon for us on rest day.

Bike camp helped me learn more about Jesus through the studies we had each day in John on who Jesus was. The studies were lead by Toby and he did a great job on explaining who Jesus was, why he came, and also how he is connected to God.

Bike camp was GREAT FUN!!!! To anyone out there who is thinking of coming: do! You may be like me and think it’s just a big waste of time to come on camp. However camp is really fun (even riding up the hills) and at the end you will feel great to have accomplished such a thing as riding 326 km.

Jayden (camper)

I have really enjoyed this bike ride. I’ve been going 2 years in a row and the second time was even better than the first time. I met some kind-hearted people on this camp and they have made it really fun.

One of the things that I enjoyed on this camp was the big hills along the way and the really steep hills near Rylstone after the rest day.

Another thing that I really enjoyed on this camp was the leaders and the campers. They really made the camp fun and energetic. The leaders are very good at planning things so we can enjoy the time we have with everyone that is there.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the Bible studies because after we read the Bible and prayed it really got me thinking about what we talked about.

Some of the ways that my biking skills have improved on this camp are that I can keep a really good pace when going up those hills and not having to get of the bike, another skill that I have improved is when your going around those tight corners you use a technique to use to get around those corners. I have also learned how to go down steep drop offs the proper way so you don’t fall off and hurt yourself.

The bike camp helped me by learning more about Jesus because it really got me thinking about how to be a better Christian. Another thing that was really good was the quiet time because I was able to look at some passages from the Bible and I could see if any of this was happening in my life.

The leaders helped me understand what God is like by telling us that he is powerful and when you’re in the toughest situations he will always be there for you no matter what happens.

If someone is thinking about going and is not sure I would tell them to come along because it is an awesome ride and you meet lots of really nice people. I would tell them that the Bible studies are really good and it would probably make you think.

Overall, I really enjoyed this bike camp and I am looking forward to where we are riding to next year.