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Testimonials - Boys Ag Camp


Haydn (camper)

This was my first year at Ag Camp and it was such a friendly atmosphere and you never get bored. My favourite thing was the farm visits and we'd always have something new to do each night. Living in Sydney I don't usually spend time on farms so it was a fairly new experience doing a lot of the things I had never done before.

With everybody being Christian at the camp, it's a great opportunity to find out anything you might be questioning about God or the Bible and everybody is so approachable, all you have to do is ask.

My favourite meal would have had to have been the nachos that we had on one of the last days for lunch, although all the food was great. My lasting memory of Ag camp would have to be all the friends I was able to make and all the guys in my tent, being with them the whole week we got to know each other quite well.

Brad (camper)

2016 Boys Ag Camp was the first Ag Camp I have attended, both of my brothers have been leaders on Boys Ag Camp and they encouraged me to come along. I enjoyed the company and the encouragement I got from all the boys at camp.

I learnt that you need to be disciplined if you’re a Christian, because it's like someone training to run a marathon, you can't run 50 km without any practice and that it's not always going to be easy. I was encouraged to find out where I was with God so I could become stronger in my faith.

My favourite meal at Boys Ag Camp was the pork roast on Friday night.

Boys Ag Camp challenged me on my social side and with my knowledge of God and my faith in Him. I made new friends by talking and hanging out. My best memory about Ag Camp was when my friend and I made hammocks, while he was testing his, he fell off, it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Luke (camper)

Hi my name is Luke and I would like share with you my experiences on my first Ag Camp. I came to Ag camp because my grandad and dad led on Ag Camp when they were young. My older sister loves Girls Ag Camp.

I loved learning about God and his son Jesus dying on the cross for me. The leaders really shared their faith with us and it was encouraging.

I loved going on farm visits and hanging out with an awesome group of kids. On the farm visits we marked sheep, cleaned sheds, moved hay and mucked around. In hobbies I loved archery, slack lining and metal casting. The only down side to Ag Camp was that the weather was wet and the ground was a bit boggy. The food was great we even had nachos!

I found the camp challenging. I am keen to tell more people about Jesus. The leaders demonstrated God’s love to me by being kind and loving.

I have great memories of Ag Camp. I will always remember sitting around the fire with good mates and digging many trenches to keep the water out of our tents. I can’t wait for Ag Camp next year!


Jared (camper)

How long have you attended Boys Ag Camp?
This was my first year.

How did you find our about Boys Ag Camp?
My older brother went.

If you could change one things about Boys Ag Camp, what would it be?
I would make it longer.

What did you learn about God, Jesus and the Bible at Boys Ag Camp?
Being Christian isn't just for Sundays.

What was your favourite meal at Boys Ag Camp?
Pasta bake.

In what way did Boys Ag Camp challenge you?
It challenged my faith in Jesus.

How did the leaders demonstrate God's love to you?
They taught me that I shouldn't be ashamed of God.

Why will you come back to Boys Ag Camp?
Because it is so encouraging to have so many other Christian people around you.

Sam (camper)

My name is Sam and I have attended Boys Ag Camp for a total of sixteen years; twelve years as a camp family and four years as an actual camper. So, you could say that I've become quite familiar with the camp.

My favourite thing about Boys Ag Camp is how it is centred on Jesus and what he and the Bible have to say about how we, as Christians, should be living. I also like the way all the leaders participate in the activities, get in among the campers and encourage them in their Christian faith. These are the things that make camp so great each year! (Not to mention the wonderful food!)

Boys Ag Camp is also a great opportunity to make new friends, whether it's over a meal in the hall, out doing farm work, or simply in free time. I've made many friends at camp that have remained my friends, even with a whole year between camps! So if you come to camp, don't expect to feel lonely! You won't!

On camp, Bible studies are great times of discussion and encouragement. This year, two big things I've learnt are that we aren't to be ashamed of the gospel, and that we are to remain focused on God and not fall into the temptations of this world. I found Tim Hewitt (this year's speaker) very helpful to listen to.

All up, these things are just a few examples of what makes Boys Ag Camp so great each year! I'd recommend it to anyone!


Joshua (camper)

I first heard about the Scripture Union's Boys Ag Camp from my friend. At first I was skeptical as to how enjoyable it would be, but I came back from the 2012 Boys Ag Camp proven wrong.

Boys Ag camp is a fantastically fun time where you get to meet new Christian guys and to help out farmers around the chosen location, and also to study the word of God together, and to encourage each other in our faith journey. Since my first Boys Ag camp i have been eager to return every year.

What I found most enjoyable about Boys Ag Camp this year was the day out. On this day all the campers take a day off from all the farm work and go and do something different for the day. This year we went whale watching for the morning, and also swimming at the local basin in the Cobargo area.

During this year's Bible studies we studied the book of Ephesians together. Personally this greatly challenged my perspective and focuses on life. These Bible studies greatly helped me to reconsider my life and how I lived my life previously, and also helped to clarify how I view God. During the Bible studies, the leaders also helped us campers to understand what the Bible was telling us, and to explain it’s meaning. This was very encouraging to me and challenged me to study God's word more carefully.

Based on my experience of Boys Ag Camp, how much I enjoyed the camp and also how much I got out of it personally in my faith life: I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering going to Boys Ag Camp to attend because it is a fantastic experience and I am sure you will find it as enjoyable and helpful as I have.