Frequently asked questions

What is Camp Conqueror?

Camp Conqueror has been a part of Scripture Union NSW for over 60 years, beginning in Milton in 1957. Conqueror was originally for boys only, with female campers and leaders first arriving on the scene in 1990. More recently camp has changed again, moving from Summer to Autumn and taking on a new format featuring the multi-day walk through the amazing Morton National Park.

Despite changing over the years, there are some things about camp that are still the same. Conqueror remains a camp where we get out into the bush and are not afraid to rough a little bit every now and then. We also take care to welcome and encourage all our campers and want them to feel a part of the Conqueror community. Finally, we love Jesus and think it's really important for to everyone know the truth about him. That's why Conqueror is a place where we are committed to teaching the kids from the Bible and encouraging them to figure out who Jesus is and what they should do about him.

When is it?

Sunday 14th - Saturday 20th April 2019

Who can come?

Camp Conqueror is open to boys and girls in years 7-12

How much?


Can't afford it?

We understand that there are various financial circumstances that can make it difficult for people to attend camps. Scripture Union has funds available to subsidise camp fees where there is genuine need. Please feel free to contact the Camp Director who will be more than willing to discuss these arrangements with you.

What should I bring?

Check out the list here.

Will it be safe?

Camp Conqueror holds a strong commitment to the well-being of everyone who participates in our camps. We operate under Scripture Union guidelines and strive to stay in line with and even
ahead of the standards that are in place for the camping industry. Specific skill activities, such as abseiling and canoeing, are led by staff accredited under the relevant Australian authorities.