Testimonials - Camp Conqueror


Joshua (camper)

Camp Conqueror 2017 was an amazing experience. It was my very first ever Camp Conqueror, and I made many friends throughout the whole time. From hiking, to skit nights, to playing "mafia" around the campfire, Camp Conqueror was insanely enjoyable and every second was filled with fun and excitement!

How did you find out about Camp Conqueror?
I found out about Camp Conqueror through my church friends from the Bathurst Evangelical Church, who would often attend and tell me about all their amazing experiences while at camp.

What did you enjoy most about Camp Conqueror?
I enjoyed the day hikes the most during Camp Conqueror. The days spent looking at remarkable views and wildlife were spent well and in a peaceful serenity with many new friends, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

If you could change one thing about Camp Conqueror, what would it be?
Absolutely nothing!

What did you learn about God, Jesus & the Bible at camp?
I learnt that God will always know what is best for us, and he will
always try to satisfy our heavenly needs before our earthly needs, as sometimes we forget to prioritise our faith in God and his plan for us over our earthly wants and needs.

What was your favourite meal at camp?
I very much enjoyed all the meals during camp, especially the delicious dinners!

In what way did Camp Conqueror challenge you?
Camp Conqueror could be quite physically challenging at times, which I found very enjoyable and rewarding. The challenge of the long hikes up and down inclines made me feel very fit, and it felt good to get moving and doing physically challenging activities after a long period of exams for me!

How did you make new friends at Camp?
I made new friends at camp on the first day when we played card games in the scout hall. I later became closer with the people in my contingent (Mullets) as we would often talk during the hikes, while playing mafia at night, or while setting up and packing up our camps.

When the contingents got together the atmosphere was a lot more
relaxed, and it naturally became very easy to talk with the members of the other contingent.

How did the leaders demonstrate God’s love to you?
The leaders demonstrated God's love through their selfless acts for
us, their caring nature and amazing patience with all the campers. The leaders would always offer to pray for us and with us, and would happily explain to us God's word as written in the Bible.

What is you lasting memory of Camp Conqueror?
I think my most long-lasting memory of Camp Conqueror would be the skit night that we had on our second last day. It was amazing.

Alyssa (camper)

I thought that I would be alone for the duration of camp, because I didn’t know anyone. When I got there I was surprised to find how welcoming everyone was, all of the leaders came up and made sure that I wasn’t too nervous and reassured me that I would have a great time! My peers who had been to the camp before all assured me there was nothing to be afraid of, and they quickly accepted me.

The food on camp was something I was nervous about to start with. What you don’t really know is how good something can taste when it’s your only option *cough* Spam *cough*.

Something I remember vividly from camp is the scenery, I can try to explain it, but words cannot do it justice. It is one of the things I just can’t explain to my family no matter how hard I try, it’s something you have to experience to truly understand how amazing it is.

I can’t wait to go back next year! Camp Conqueror challenged me not only physically, but it also challenged me to look for God in all that I do. From a group of people I had never met, over the course of camp they became so much more than that, we became a team, comrades, and with Jesus Christ by our sides, “More than Conquerors” (Romans 8:37).

Gabrielle (camper)

I heard about Camp Conqueror from leaders that attend our church. My older brother and sister have attended, and this year was my third year on camp. I loved the hike, it takes you to amazing places and beautiful views. It is a pretty perfect camp, very relaxed and challenging.

I found it pushed me emotionally and mentally, hiking in such remote places and being out of your comfort zone. It gives you time to reflect on life and where you are with God, without the distraction of social media and everyday stuff.

The studies each morning taught us examples of God’s grace and the leaders showed us God’s love by selflessly serving us and not thinking of themselves, thinking of our needs before their own.

My favourite meal was the cheesecake on the first night.

My lasting memory is of the beach day on the last day, I dream about it now while I am in class, wishing I was there again.


Catherine (camper)

This year was my fourth Camp Conqueror, and I am still loving every exciting new moment. One of the things that I love most about Camp Conqueror is meeting all the new people that come from everywhere. We have people not only New South Wales, but Victoria and Queensland. It is always interesting to meet all the new people and see where they come from, see how they came to hear about God, their different testimonies, and how different all our lives are.

Another thing that I enjoy about Camp Conqueror is the food. Both of the cooks are amazing at their job and come up with the best meals to ever exist. On the hike, we have the oddest lunches, making the weirdest food combinations that surprisingly taste amazing. And when we return from the hike, there are always steaming hot hotdogs waiting for us.

One of my favourite memories of Camp Conqueror would have to be the skit nights we hold every year. The night is full of surprises and hilarious acts from everyone, and at the end of the night, we all receive awards that have a fun twist, such as the Tinkle Bell award, or the Time Keeper award. And as always, we have the Camper of the Year award, which is given to the camper who steps in to help at every chance they can get.

All in all, Camp Conqueror is an unforgettable experience that lasts a life time.


Carolyn (leader)

How many years have you been on Camp Conqueror and how did you hear about it?
I was a first time leader in January 2015! I heard all about how much fun Camp Conqueror was from one of its Directors, Russ. He had previously attended as a camper and, in the last few years, as a leader. Russ said how he loved getting out in the bush and being able to talk to the campers about Jesus.

What three things did you most enjoy about Camp Conqueror?
There is so much I enjoyed, so I’ve got more than three!
I enjoyed reading the Bible and sharing the message of the gospel. It was great to get to know the campers throughout the week and see them come to understand more about what Jesus has done for us by dying on the cross.

I loved seeing more of God’s beautiful creation, in Milton, where so much of it was untouched.

Camping in caves was fun, as was hearing stories about people sleepwalking during the night.

And finally… having a shower after nine days of camping in the bush!

How did Camp Conqueror help you learn more about Jesus?
Each day we met in our small groups to read from the Bible and pray. We learned about God’s offer of forgiveness for our sins, through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus, and how now is the time for us to respond to His offer of salvation!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about coming on Camp Conqueror?
Come! Camp Conqueror is a fabulous nine days of camping, hiking, making plenty of friends, swimming at the beach and learning more about Jesus, our great King, who wants to know us as part of His family.