Welcome to our new CEO

Andrew McLachlan

Andrew brings a wealth of experience in SU. He is still an active beach mission volunteer, as well as having previously served as a missions regional advisor and as a chair of the missions committee. Andrew, is currently involved in SU Australia networks and was a member of the board.

He has been the business manager for CMS Australia for the past five years and has a professional skillset that we will benefit from; including HR, program management, and an ability to lead change and workplace culture transformation. This range of skills and experience make him an excellent person for this role.

When asked why he applied Andrew shared:

"I am seeking to follow where I believe the Spirit is leading me."

"I believe, in God’s strength, I have the character and skills necessary to lead the movement at this point in time. I am quite aware of my weaknesses and my strengths and in my role as a Director know only too well the needs of the movement at this point in time."

"I have a very close understanding of the movement, having been involved with SU for forty years. SU has some distinctive characteristics that are hard to learn from the outside."