Testimonials - Chaffey Dam Water Sports Camp


Claire (leader)

So I've been at Chaffey Dam Camp for about eight or nine years. I started coming when I was ten, before I was an official camper, because both of my parents helped out on the camp. I went to Chaffey Dam Camp every year through high school (without fail!) as well as returning twice after finishing school to help out as a leader.

There’s a reason I come back to Chaffey Dam Camp every year, well, many reasons actually! Mainly because I love seeing God turn up to this camp in new and amazing ways! I love seeing campers, leaders and kitchen staff alike all join in to bring praise and glory to God! Not to mention the water sports are pretty rad!

The thing about Chaffey Dam Camp is that no matter who you are, no matter what your background is, or how old you are: the second you step out of your car you instantly become a part of the amazing Chaffey Dam Camp community! There’s always someone willing to help you set up your tent, someone willing to have a chat, and someone willing to get alongside you no matter where you’re at on this path we call life. So, whoever you are reading this, I encourage you, come on, step out of that car, we’re always happy to see you here at this camp.

Lachlan (camper)

This year was my sixth Chaffey Dam Camp. I learnt about Chaffey Dam Camp when a flyer from inside our church flew outside to where I was sitting down.

Over the years Chaffey has been a great tool for teaching me about God, Jesus and the Bible. This year I learnt how there is a time for thinking and knowing the Bible, and there is a time for just knowing and being with God.

My favourite meal at Chaffey Dam Camp was the roast. Where else can you get a roast whilst camping?

Chaffey Dam Camp challenged me in various leadership situations, and also challenged me to build even more friendships. The leaders demonstrated God's love for me by constantly looking to serve and trying to live as God would.

My lasting memory of Chaffey Dam Camp is definitely the worship.


Raymond (leader)

I first found out about Chaffey Dam Camp two years ago my youth pastor told me about it at my church.

At first I was only in it for the water sports. I thought ‘yeah awesome, I’ll just go for the water sports and yeah the Christian side of it will be pretty good too’. As soon as the first worship session finished I realized how amazing it was to have such a surrounding of people open to God and what God wanted to do.

During Chaffey Dam Camp I saw so many people come out of their comfort zones and into where the magic happens. Also, people being able to be real with God because the leaders really showed an interest and a passion for helping the campers reach their full potential and identity in Christ.

I found that even being a mature Christian, I was being pushed out of my comfort zone and become even more like Christ through my actions and being proud of God publicly and excel in water sports also.

Every single part of this camp helped me to grow and be closer to God. This is a 10/10 camp.

I have been for two years now and I can’t wait to keep coming until I am a leader.

Loved it!

Hannah (camper)

I have never been to Chaffey Dam Camp before and this year was absolutely amazing and I can't wait until next year.

The things I enjoyed about Chaffey Dam Camp were meeting like-minded, on-fire-for-God people. The water sports were so much fun even though I got a few bruises, but it was worth it. Also the best part of Chaffey was having a week of building my relationship with God and becoming closer with God.

During the camp I got a phone call from my Mum saying that my Nan had a stroke and they didn't think she was going to make it, and my Mum is not Christian.
I was pretty upset and I said ‘Ok, well I will pray for her and I know she will be alright’.
My Mum said ‘How could you even say that? I think you are going a bit overboard with this Christian thing and I think we need to have a talk when we get home’, and that just destroyed me.
So, I had a chat with an amazing leader and we prayed about it.
So, the next day I called my Mum to see how my Nan was doing and she said ‘Nan has fully recovered and doing better than any other person would be after a stroke. Maybe you were right, maybe your prayer did work’.
And that made me so happy.

Since Chaffey Dam Camp, my life skills have improved in the way that I am way more confident and bold to go out and tell people about Jesus and sharing the gospel.

Chaffey Dam Camp helps you in so many ways to learn more about Jesus. This year we had a guest speaker and when he was doing his talks he helped the other campers and myself to understand more about the gospel and about our relationship with Jesus. When he was talking about our relationship with Jesus he made sure we all were at the same level of knowledge so we would understand what he was saying.

The leaders help you understand what God is like. Not only do you get to spend one on one time with them to ask questions and learn more about God, but also you see God’s love through the leaders. The love that God gives the leaders is the love that they show the campers, and when you feel that love it makes you want to know God more.

What would I say to someone who was thinking about going to Chaffey Dam Camp? I would say: do it. Chaffey Dam Camp is so much fun and you’ll learn so much about Christ and you’ll meet the most amazing people who you will be lifelong friends with. You have nothing to lose; you actually have so much gain. It is awesome and you won’t regret it.

Liam (camper)

Dear Reader,

I am writing this short article to tell you about my experience at the Scripture Union Chaffey Dam Camp 2015. Chaffey Dam Camp is about 40km South-East of Tamworth. I come from Adelaide, which is about 1500km from Tamworth.

As soon as I arrived at Camp I was greeted with many smiling faces. I then went and figured out where to set up my tent and straight away I had leaders and campers come and ask me if I needed any help with my tent and in no time at all I had my tent up and was ready for some fun.

Chaffey Dam Camp was the greatest week I have ever had.

For some people the part they enjoyed most would have been the speedboats or the sailing. But for me the best part of the week was getting to know God and Jesus better than ever before. The praise and worship was amazing.

Every morning we would wake up, do half an hour of Bible studies and then have breakfast. After breakfast we would sing worship songs and then we would head out onto the water. At 1:00 we would eat lunch and then we were straight back to the water. After walking back up to camp from the water we would have dinner and sing some more. Then we would have a talk from Brandon, also known as CB.

If someone was contemplating whether to come to the Camp my answer will always and forever be ‘yes’. Chaffey Dam Camp will be the best experience of your life, whether you are already a Christian or not.

Olivia (camper)

It would not be an exaggeration to claim Chaffey Dam Camp as my favourite week throughout the year.

I can’t think of a greater way to start the New Year than spending a refreshing week out at the dam away from the crazy rush of everyday life. Six days of water sports action, hearing from great leaders about God’s goodness, worshipping with heaps of other youth, being encouraged to grow in my faith and having opportunities to make awesome new friends.

I attended my first Chaffey Dam Camp seven years ago when my Dad was invited to be the guest speaker, and I haven’t missed a year since.

My most enjoyable experiences of Chaffey Dam Camp would undoubtedly involve all the water sports action, sailing, canoeing, pontoon wars, knee-boarding, biscuiting, and for the braver ones: wake-boarding. Our team challenges involved all kinds of crazy wide games and our girl/guy split nights.

Yet what I remember the most and take into my year is the experiences where I encountered God and learnt more about who he is and what it means to belong to a saviour who loves us so incredibly much.

During our time at Camp we have opportunities to talk with our leaders, who are approachable and really non-judgmental, smaller group settings where we read God’s word and pray together, inspiring messages from guest-speakers and awesome worship times lead by the live band.

What makes it such a great experience? It’s the people we share the experience with. I’ve made some long lasting friendships at Chaffey Dam Camp, not just while trying to stay on a biscuit or figuring out how to put a tent up, but praying together, hearing from God’s word, dancing under the big-top and hanging out in our free time. It’s a place where everyone is made to feel really welcome. I know there’s no pressure to be someone I’m not.

‘I’m still not too sure about it all’, I hear you say. I would really encourage you to come, I’ve seen so many people come to Camp over the years who are nervous at the start but by the end they don’t want to go home, they’ve made new friends and they promise they’ll definitely be back next year.

Trust me when I say there’s something for everyone at Camp and you just have to be willing to give it a try. Moments like these don’t come along that often so why not join us next January? See you next year!