Testimonials - Craft Camp


Ella (camper)

How long have you attended Craft Camp?
This was the first year I have attended Craft Camp. I thought three full days was a good time to go for. It is done on such a beautiful block of land. Even though I was the youngest I was treated like any one else.

How did you find out about Craft Camp?
My mum saw it on Facebook, it was liked by her friend. So, mum messaged the leader and they opened it up to me even though I was in year 5 and it was for years 6 and up.

What did you most enjoy about Craft Camp?
The thing I enjoyed the most was probably all the different craft activities. This year we did a mixed media canvas, clay (femo), jewellery and did embroidery on a pillowcase. We also watched good movies at night and our lovely cook supplied hot chocolate.

If you could change 1 thing about Craft Camp, what would it be?
I wish that more people could come to Camp.

What did you learn about God, Jesus & the Bible at Craft Camp?
I learnt about Esther and how she had lots of courage to go before the King. Esther is my favourite Bible story, but I was able to see it from a new perspective.

What was you favorite meal at Craft Camp?
My favorite meal at Camp was probably the delicious homemade burgers. I liked all the tomato and lettuce it was delicious.

Did you make any new friends at Craft Camp?
At Camp I made so many new friends. It was so hard to say goodbye to all them but I got most of their emails, and I think I have got some friends for life.

How did the leaders demonstrate God's love to you?
They always pray for us at meals and lots of different times they encourage us to be unique. We have Bible studies in groups every morning, and do prayer and praise points, and sing together every morning.

Grace (camper)

I spent the last four days at SU Craft Camp, which I found out about through my friend and her sister. By the time we arrived we had a great time and we got to know everyone really well.

At Camp we learnt about Esther. She was a young, Jewish girl who was escaping the invasion of her country. Her cousin took her in and she was kidnapped by the palace and became Queen. She was inspiring because she stood up to the persecution of her people.

Besides the spiritual education of the camp, it was good to have a fun time creating things. My favourite craft activity was making a cushion with a Bible verse embroidered on it. The craft also included a canvas collage on Esther, and different outdoor crafts such as sketching and rubbings on trees and other outdoor features. Overall, I loved Craft Camp because it was a great place to make new friends, learn about God and get creative.

Johanna (camper)

Craft Camp was a great time for meeting other girls my age that are followers of Jesus. I don't know many girls my age in Australia, let alone Christian girls.

I really enjoyed doing the craft. The ideas for the craft were fantastic, you ended up with an awesome end product, and they were also really fun to make.

The Bible readings really helped me want to read the Bible more because I realised there are so many more good parts of the Bible than the four gospels

Overall, Craft Camp was a fantastic experience and I hope to come back next year!

Piper-Louise (camper)

I attended Craft Camp the first year it started and I went again this year. I am a very crafty person and I love to make things with my hands. My mum found Craft Camp from the website because my brother goes to <reboot> Camp every year.

I made some great new friends and we laughed so much we called ourselves ‘the giggle gang’. I really like the leaders and being around girls my age. Last year we made a patchwork bag and I entered it into our local show. I won second price in a stitching category! This year we had so much fun making a cushion cover, clay animals, mixed media artwork, bookmarks, a beaded necklace and pencil rubbing designs.

The food is always good and this year my favourite was chicken cacciatore and rice. Bec also made us a magnificent carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Oh, it was so delicious! The wood-fired pizza on the last day is always yummy too.

This years’ Bible studies were around the book of Esther. We had readings, discussions, made puppets and did activities to help us learn about the characters, and how God helped the Jews in their time of need. I used Bible verses in a lot of my craft items also.

I will definitely be back next year and hope to catch up with my friends and see some new faces.


Gin (leader)

On a chilled but pleasant winter’s morning in the Blue Mountains, four campers and their leaders embarked on the three-day experience that was to be SU’s new Craft Camp. Located in a large house with the ambience of a wood-fire nestled among the bushland, Craft Camp was designed with comfort and relaxation in mind.

Campers followed in the footsteps of our Creator as they attempted a range of crafts, considered His master plan of sending Jesus and the impact that has on how we read the Bible and live our lives.

Three main craft projects were the focus of this year’s camp: art Journaling, including painting, weaving, stenciling, sketching and drawing; stick Weaving, to create a scarf; and sewing, including patchwork and a stitchery to create a bag.

With scrumptious food from our cook, Georgia, and wood-fired pizzas to finish off the camp, appetites were well looked after.

All campers expressed an interested in coming back next year, with their favourite aspects of camp being ‘making new friends’ and ‘studying the Bible together’, as well as the craft activities.

With the first Craft Camp complete, plans are now underway for Craft Camp 2016!