Testimonials - Creation Care Camp


Hayley (camper)

How did you find out about Creation Care Camp?
I found out because I was at Chaffey Dam Water Sports Camp. They sent out a newsletter to me, and I saw all the camps on the back of the newsletter.

What did you enjoy most about Creation Care Camp?
I enjoyed meeting new people and learning about creation and what I can make out of things.

If you could change one thing about Creation Care Camp, what would it be?
If I could change one thing about Creation Care Camp is would be to make it longer do we have more time.

What did you learn about God, Jesus & the Bible at camp?
What I learnt about God, Jesus and the Bible at the camp was to do with Creation because God made it for us to live on.

What was your favourite meal at camp?
I liked all the meals we had there, they were so yummy and good.

In what way did Creation Care Camp challenge you?
I challenged myself to make some more friends and be brave, for example, going close to the beehives.

How did you make new friends at camp?
I made new friends at camp by talking to them, finding out things about them and getting along with them.

How did the leaders demonstrate God’s love to you?
The leaders demonstrated God's love to me by talking all about Creation, singing songs, praising God and telling stories at night time.

What is you lasting memory of Creation Care Camp?
My memories of Creation Care Camp are learning more about God, singing songs, telling stories at night time, having alone-time with God and having heaps of fun. But my lasting memory of Creation Care Camp was making new friends and learning new things everyday.