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15 years of training up outstanding success shaping cricketers and young men.

SU Cricket Camp includes:

  • Skills Training
  • Activities & Games
  • Integrated Christianity
  • Character, Leadership & Teamwork
  • Fun, Food & Friendship

All activities are covered in camp fees, including:

  • Food—3 excellent meals a day plus morning/ afternoon tea and supper
  • Accommodation
  • Equipment
  • Quality Coaching
  • Fun activities and games including indoor cricket and laser skirmish
  • Positive, safe atmosphere
  • Christian, caring environment that teaches life skills

At cricket camp we have a whole team of leaders ready to train you and equip you for playing your best on the cricket pitch. With a range of experience and talent, we are keen to help you improve your game.

Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, there is plenty to learn on camp. We do fielding drills, net sessions, indoor cricket and competitive 20/20 matches. Alongside the cricket we play laser skirmish, indoor games and many other fun activities.

We also spend time each day hearing from God's word. This year’s theme is The Comeback King.


Saturday 5th - Tuesday 8th October, 2019


Aussie Cabins, Sheraton Road, Dubbo, NSW


Boys in years 5-9


Please contact the if cost is an issue.

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