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Testimonials - Cricket Camp


Tom (camper)

This was my first year on Cricket Camp, my siblings have been coming and were originally invited by a former leader. I loved all the cricket that we played and the great food, especially the pancakes for breakfast.

I made great friends and was challenged to be a good player and leader. The leaders demonstrated God’s love for me through their patience and kindness. My lasting memory of Cricket Camp was when I got the best batter out.

Will (camper)

This year I attended Cricket Camp for the first time. It was something I will never forget and I hope to come back next year. In my opinion there isn't one thing I would change about Cricket Camp, it is most definitely the best experience for me all year.

Cricket Camp has really opened up my eyes to believing in Jesus. I learnt that Jesus is the best teammate and none of us would win without him. The leaders helped me to lift my beliefs in Christ. They explained to us that God loves us so much that he gave his only son so we can live eternally. They also shared how they came to believe in Jesus, they also made songs which come from verses from the Bible which for me made it very fun.

My favorite breakfast was definitely the pancakes, I loved the burgers for lunch and I couldn't pick between all the dinners. No other camp will cook such amazing food. Cricket Camp challenged me in a good way. I was helped to play some of my best cricket, and introduced me to the fun of indoor cricket.

William pictured left.
William pictured left.

William (camper)

This year was my third time as a camper, my older brother came as a camper and is now a leader. I loved catching up with friends I had made on previous camps and they were in my cabin group.

I learnt on camp about God and the Bible through the memory verse, if you are on God’s team, he has prepared a room for you in heaven. My favourite meal was the potato bake they served with the roast dinner. I learnt a lot of new cricket skills and enjoyed getting to know the boys in my cabin. I really enjoyed reading the Bible with our cabin leaders during our Chill and Chat sessions. The best memory is winning the cleanest cabin two days in a row.

Matthew (camper)

This year I was finally old enough to be a camper after being part of the camp family for four years. My absolute favourite activity is the evening session at Inflatable World. I wouldn’t change anything about Cricket Camp.

I learnt that Jesus has won the great victory for us.

My favourite meal was the sticky date pudding with ice cream for dessert.

I was very tired by the end of each day because we do so much and I really enjoyed meeting all my cabin and colour group. Our leaders were a lot of fun and spent time with us talking about the Bible during the Group Wrap sessions. My best memory is of leader Leon playing the tongs during the memory verse.


Dominic (camper)

Cricket Camp is held in Dubbo and teaches you to understand God much better while still learning cricket at the same time.

I found out about Cricket Camp at school where four of the staff help out at Cricket Camp.

Cricket Camp is a place to listen, pray and understand God. Everyday at Cricket Camp we would wake up at 7:00 to have breakfast, then all the campers would go outside, sit down, and talk about God. While talking about God we would sing the Cricket Camp song or try to defeat the Memory Verse Master. We would then go to our rooms and talk about our goals for the day. The activities after dinner were extremely fun, like bubble soccer and capture the flag in the dark with glow sticks. We would go to bed around 9:25.

Cricket Camp provides delicious food. The staff at Cricket Camp are willing to do anything to make sure campers are happy. The staff are also devoted to helping us learn by giving us feedback and helping us improve our cricket skills, like bowling, batting and catching.

On the last day we had a nice lunch to say goodbye to the staff and fellow campers.

Lachlan (camper)

I loved Cricket Camp because there was always something to do. We played cricket, learnt how to bowl, bat, wickie, and field.

We visited the Dubbo Sports World where we played laser skirmish with our own battlefields. If we were "hit" we were out of the game. This game was so much fun, especially as my team won. Also at Dubbo Sports World was a room called Inflatable World. I was so happy to be jumping all over the room. We had a fun competition of jousting in that room as well.

Sleeping over in Dubbo at Aussie Cabins meant that we had some fun at night as well. On the first and last night we played a game of Zombies with glow bracelets and headlamps. I tried to trick the Zombies by taking my bracelet off... but it didn't work!

Even though Cricket Camp was full of fun, it was also great to get home.


Ben (Camper)

Over the past three years I have attended Cricket Camp. I have enjoyed the great fun and enjoyment of playing cricket, meeting new friends and getting to learn more about Jesus.

My first year at Cricket Camp was in 2012 when I was in year 6 when my cousin told me about this great camp and how it was so fun. He would tell me of all the great and exciting things like the indoor sports centre, laser skirmish and the great 20-20 matches. So, I decided to go and couldn't wait for those three days of amazing fun.

I believe that Cricket Camp has helped me improve my cricket skills with the great skills sessions and master class, which gave me plenty of time to improve my bowling and batting skills. There are also great camp leaders that can help you improve your cricket skills. Over the years I have now learnt how to play the right shots and how to release the ball in the correct seem position when bowling.

I think for me the Cricket Camp leaders have helped me learn more about Jesus through singing the Bible verses each morning and group wrap, where everyone in your cabin answers questions about Jesus on a pamphlet, as a group. The camp leaders have also given examples of important traits of what God is like and reminded us to use them in everyday life.

So if you’re one of those people who are not sure whether you want to go on camp: I promise you'll have the most fun and I believe it is the best camp ever. So give it a go, and hopefully I will see you there.

Jacob (Camper)

I first found out about cricket camp from SU News, and after my fourth year I still loved every second of it. One of the best things about Cricket camp is the people. All the leaders are very supportive and they all love cricket and God. The campers are great as well and as soon as you get there you start making new friends.

Another great thing about camp is learning about God. The morning sessions are great and teach you about God in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.

Another great thing about Cricket Camp is of course the cricket! The skills sessions are great and you will learn a lot from the leaders. My cricket skills have improved a lot since going to camp. They taught me how to bowl faster and more accurately and also the finer points of batting.

I have also learned a lot about God in my four years at camp. This year they talked about Jesus being the Great Captain and how he is so much better than any cricket captain on Earth because he died for us so we could become closer to God. The leaders are very helpful if you’re just starting to follow God, or have been for a while. The group talks we have in our cabin with the leaders are great because they can help you to get more out of the main discussion than you did at the start.

The food at camp is great and the cooks do a great job of preparing three great meals a day, as well as snacks.

If you are thinking about coming to camp then you definitely should, no matter if you love playing cricket or you have never played before: you will have a great time.

Matt Barman (Leader)

In late September, young men from across the state came to Dubbo to take part in Scripture Union Cricket Camp 2014. Whilst it may have only been a few days, a lot was packed into the time that we had.

Each day there were cricket games played, different skills sessions, video analysis sessions and many other fun activities like indoor cricket, indoor soccer, laser skirmish and night games.

The camp is run each year and caters for all skill levels. Every person was able to work on skills at his own level with enthusiastic encouragement and coaching from leaders.

Each day the campers were able to hear the message about Jesus Christ and how He laid down His life for us. The theme for this year’s camp was ‘The Great Captain’ and the boys heard about some of the Australian cricket captains who displayed many different and valuable qualities during their leadership.

We were all reminded that Jesus is the “Great Captain’ and that we are invited to be part of His team. Jesus will always encourage us and help us and even when we do the wrong thing and do not live as we should, He will never drop us from His team. Many cricket analogies provided more insight into who Jesus is and how He works in our lives.

Cricket Camp 2014 was a great experience enjoyed by everyone. We are all looking forward to the next years of this camp!