SU Vanuatu Disaster Relief Fund

SU Vanuatu has operated the IDS campsite at Point Pango for many years. This campsite is an important place of growth and developement for school groups and international visitors and provides a much needed income stream to support the work of Scripture Union Vanuatu, which includes local staff.

The campsite suffered significant damage during Cyclone Pam in March 2015, but by God’s grace has been completely re-designed and is being rebuilt to be an effective mission base.

While the SU community in NSW has provided much of the expertise for the re-design, SU Vanuatu have been busy clearing the site for stage 1 construction in 2016 comprising of 3 double storey units, housing 60 beds for accommodation.

$29,000 has been donated thus far, and the target for the rebuilding project is $150,000. Your tax deductible donation (via Anglican Aid) towards the campsite reconstruction will help to launch the next chapter of Scripture Union's work in Vanuatu.

Check out the progress so far!

Update 1 - April 2015
Update 2 - September 2015
Update 3 - November 2015
Update 4 - December 2015
Update 5 - January 2016
Update 6 - May 2016
Update 7 - April 2017
Update 8 - September 2018

For more information on the progress of SU Vanuatu, you can visit the Scripture Union Vanuatu Facebook group.