Testimonials - Girls Ag Camp


Victoria (camper)

I initially heard about Girls Ag Camp from my youth group and I have been coming on camp for two years. The thing I most enjoy about Ag Camp is meeting new people and sharing God's word with sisters in Christ. I wouldn't change anything about Girls Ag Camp because I love it so much. This year at Ag Camp we studied the gospel of Luke and learnt what the cost is to be a disciple of Jesus.

My favourite meal at Ag Camp is dinner because there is always something new and yummy to eat.

Girls Ag Camp challenged me by making me get over my fear of animals. The leader's demonstrated God's love to me and the other girls by talking to us if we were having trouble with anything and encouraging us in the studies.

My lasting memory of Girls Ag Camp is the impact the talks and studies have on our lives and the way we act around others. It's a truly amazing camp that teaches you so much about God's word.

Emily (camper)

This was my third year at Girls Ag Camp and I am planning on coming back for many years to come! I loved the talks and farm visits and hanging out with all my friends. We had a big mud fight on the last day and everyone got involved. I came away from Ag Camp a different person, one of the talks changed me for the better. Something just clicked and I felt God’s grace helping me and pushing me in the right direction. I had lots of help from the leaders and the other girls with me.

The cooks made some delicious meals that included butter chicken, nachos and honey soy pork. The cooks never let anyone down though, and had vegetarian, gluten free, egg free and other different options for those who couldn’t eat certain things. We had lots of fun night time activities and hobbies during the day such as felting and feather flowers. I had lots of fun at Ag Camp and I’m going to invite more girls so that they can join in this experience too.

Kezia (camper)

This year was my first at Ag Camp. I enjoyed everything about camp, but my favorite part would probably be the Bible studies. It was really encouraging to hear what the other girls and the leaders had to say about the passages we looked at. I also liked trying things that I wouldn’t do at home, like pulling up irrigation pipes and spraying sheep. It was great how we had fun and useful things to do all the time. There was never a boring moment! I was glad for siesta every day, because it meant that we still had some peaceful time. The one and only thing I would change about camp would be having more time doing each activity. Time went far too fast!

The talks this year were on Luke and challenged us to give up everything for Jesus. They made me realize how much life with Jesus is worth, which can be hard to grasp.

The leaders were cheerful and godly with a great sense of humor. Everything they did reflected how much they love God and want to spread His word. They made camp even better than it would have been by their continuing thoughtfulness. I met many lovely girls who made great friends. They were always thinking of others, which was awesome to see. I hope to keep in contact and see them all next year.

Breanna (camper)

Girls Ag camp, for the two years that I have attended, has been such a fun, encouraging, Christian camp that I have looked forward to going to.

I enjoy going to the different farms and helping out where we can as well as doing the various activities around camp. It is a great place to meet and get to know other Christian girls, as well as learning more about Jesus and what he did for us. Girls Ag camp has challenged and encouraged me in who I am in God and what it means to follow him with all my heart. The leaders present on the camp are great role models and have helped to challenge and encourage me in my walk with God.

Evie (camper)

Hi I am Evie, and I’ve been on Girl's Ag Camp for six years now, and I’ve loved every moment of it. I found out about Girl's Ag Camp from my sisters who also were campers then became leaders.

I enjoy everything at camp, but the thing I love most of all is the talks that we have. This year we had a speaker talk about the book in the Bible, Luke.  I learned a lot about the Bible and the Son of God. I learned that Jesus never stops loving us, even if we stop loving him. 

Ag Camp has really challenged me in the way I love and worship Jesus. Sometimes it feels like Jesus isn't even there but when you really take a moment to just talk to him, you will see that he is. 
It is so easy to make friends at camp because everyone is so easy to get along with! Everyone wants to say "hi".

I don't have a favourite meal at Girls Ag camp, every meal is so delicious, I look forward to them.

The leaders are so great when it comes to 'God's love'. We have a study group and everyone says how they think God loves us, then the leaders give us a clear meaning to God's love.

The best memory I have at camp was six years ago on my first Ag Camp, when I was challenged with God's word and by the people around me. I gave my life to Jesus six years ago.


Hannah (camper)

I have been going to Girls Ag camp for two years now, and it is one of the most encouraging camps I have been on. I have really valued the friendships made. They are so genuine and real, it is great. I live in Sydney and going to Girls Ag Camp is such a great change from the city. It is a real break for me: getting your hands to dirty and sleeping on mats. It may be a bit harder but it is truly rewarding.

The talks that we hear are true and faithful to the Bible. The speakers have a real desire and love of Christ that is reflected in what they say and do. They are a real role model for us, including the leaders who have loving, caring, funny and godly personalities. You laugh at funny things that happen and have deep conversations in Bible study. The leaders help challenge but also encourage your faith.

The varieties of girls is awesome. From different denominations, to where they live, it helps build different friendships. I have made many new friends but also strengthened my old friends. Even though I may not have seen them since last year, you pick up your conversation right where you left off.

I have been encouraged, molded and grown through Girls Ag Camp. I strongly encourage my friends to come and I am looking forward to going back next year.

Isabella (camper)

This year was my first time at Girls Ag Camp and I loved it! I found out about this camp through youth group and school.

The thing I most enjoyed about Girls Ag Camp was the awesome Bible teaching and the farm visits.

This year we looked at Jonah and our speaker showed me things about that book that I had never thought about or realised before, like how practical the book of Jonah is. This year I learnt that God is always around to help, and how we need to spread his word.

The farm visits were awesome! I personally loved the lamb and calf marking. I wouldn't change one thing about Girls Ag Camp! I loved it heaps and I am definitely going back next year.

My favourite meal at camp was the fried rice and desserts, they were both amazing!

Girls Ag Camp challenged me to do many things I thought I would never do like having a bucket shower or marking lambs. I made quite a few new friends on Camp this year and am hoping to see them again next year. The leaders were awesome, funny and godly women. They really helped me to think about how I act and what I need work on. My lasting memory of Girls Ag Camp 2015 is definitely the conversations that we had during the Bible study times, they helped me be open and ask questions I had about Christianity.


Alice (leader)

What does it mean to be in Christ? And what difference does it make in your daily life? These are the questions sixteen teenage girls focused on for a week on Girls Ag Camp in the spring holidays.

In daily talks and study groups we discussed that we are made in God's image and he knows us completely. He justifies believers and makes them in Christ, giving us security and hope. This transforms our lives as we find our identity, value and purpose in belonging to God and serving him. In the week at camp there were many opportunities to discuss these things with the girls and see God's truth taking root in their lives.

This year, Girls Ag was held in Cobargo, not far from Bega. We slept in army-style tents and washed in bucket showers. A morning surprise got everyone going before breakfast - try fitting 21 people in a Honda Jazz!

Local farmers generously hosted groups of girls each morning, who pitched in with jobs including milking, vaccinating calves, shearing, weeding and stick picking.

After a chance to spend some time alone with God reading the Bible, afternoons saw girls trying their hand at activities such as archery, cooking, lead lighting and tie dying. Plenty of water bombs were thrown too.

In just one short week, as we shared our lives and had fun together, new friendships were formed and existing ones were strengthened.

It's my prayer that God will be using these relationships and times spent in his word to draw each person, made in his image, closer to himself, so that we will all grow to maturity in Christ and that he will be pleased to find fruit in us that brings him honour.

Deborah (camper)

I've been on Girls Ag Camp for 2 years now. I heard about it from one of the leaders (the cook) who went to my church. She invited my friends and I to come and offered to drive us down. My first time was when I was in year 7. I was so nervous but now I'm really glad that I went and I'm planning on going back every year that I’m able!

The 3 things I like most about camp are getting to know a really nice group of people that I probably wouldn't meet otherwise, doing totally new things (like milking, bottle feeding a calf, lead lighting, tagging a calf, archery, and shearing goats!) and having lots of fun with the leaders and the campers.

Girls Ag has also helped me learn more about Jesus. Through the talks, Bible studies, and set time to read the Bible, I've grown a lot in my faith.

The leaders are also a great example of how living for God works in normal life. They're also very helpful in explaining the Bible and lots of fun. It’s really nice to see other Christians and how God is working in their lives and changing them and me.

I’ve never experienced anything else like camp. If you are thinking of coming but aren't sure I would definitely recommend that you do come. In fact I recommend it even if you're not thinking of coming. It is lots of fun, full of new experiences and helps you develop your trust in God.

Sarah (camper)

Every year I really look forward to Girls Ag Camp because it is so much fun. You get to form wonderful relationships with everyone else on the camp and it is a great way to grow in your faith.

I first went on Girls Ag Camp when I was in year 7 (in 2012) and I hope to keep going right until I finish school.

This year on Girls Ag Camp we looked at our identity and who we are in Christ. We made paper dolls, which we wrote Bible verses on, which remind us of our identity as God's creation. The talks and discussion groups are so encouraging and you get the chance to ask questions that have been on your mind for ages or talk about topics that really matter.

The farm visits are a great opportunity to put some of the things we learn into practice by serving the farmers (who in turn serve us the most amazing morning teas!) I did heaps of things I had never done before on the farms, like vaccinating calves, feeding goats and pigs and picking bucket loads of broad beans.

We also got to participate in a lot of great activities, from tie dying shirts, to milking cows, from car mechanics, to book binding. I love how there is such a range of activities to choose from so there is always something fun for everyone.

I especially enjoyed the night games where we played a giant team game of Cluedo. To get the clues our teams had to complete challenges, including shoe throwing, starting fires, cracking a whip, standing on a moving hay bail or testing our memory and general knowledge in a game.

And of course we also continued with the Ag camp traditions: morning surprises, movie night, bucket showers, a 'day out' and bonfire on the last night. On the day out, we went rock climbing and had a water bomb fight in the park (this got us a few curious looks from the public).

It is always so sad to go at the end, but the memories stay with you forever. I love being reunited with friends from previous years, and somehow becoming really close friends with people I had never known at the start of the week.