C-Hunter Boys Ag Camp

Testimonials - Hunter Boys Ag Camp


Cameron (camper)

In the April school holidays I went to my first Scripture Union Camp, at Lostock NSW. Wow! Did I have fun!

I found out about the camp from my church, and was a bit nervous going to a camp where I wouldn't know anyone, but when I arrived I immediately felt welcomed and safe! James introduced me to all the boys and we sat down to lunch.

The food was fantastic! Thank you to all the ladies in the kitchen! On the last night of camp we had a bonfire and invited people from surrounding farms. We cooked chicken and vegetables in camp ovens and damper for dessert - dripping in golden syrup! Even though I am gluten free I didn't miss out!

I learnt so much while I was at Camp about God and the Bible, and learnt leaderships skills, and to love myself just the way I am! I found the leaders to be great mentors and really enjoyed the discussions we had about Christianity.

My morning started at 6am with a short walk to Brian and Mary Horn's dairy to help with the milking, then back 'home' for a breakfast of bacon and eggs! This was followed by Bible study, prayer and readings. Then we would venture off to go fishing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, collecting firewood, or have some quiet time to reflect on the day.

Thank you to all the organisers for making this the best camp I have been to!

Ethan (camper)

Recently I was lucky enough to go to the Hunter Boys Ag Camp. I found out about the camp through a great friend of my brother. My brother and Jacob (his friend) were going on the camp and I wasn’t. But then I was offered the last spot available and I took the opportunity to go on the camp.

Hunter Boys Ag Camp was incredible. From hiking to the top of a massive mountain, to Bible studies with the guys, it was amazing.

Over the course of the camp I found myself becoming closer and closer with God, and making good friends.

The number one thing that I enjoyed about Hunter Boys Ag Camp was the hike up the mountain. I spent the whole hike talking to two guys: James and Brice. Over the course of the hike I learned a lot about them and their lives. To this day I am still in contact with both of them.

Through the regular Bible studies, I learned a lot about God. The main thing I learned about God was that he his here to fix the broken and the weak, not the good and strong.

The food at Hunter Boys Ag Camp was exceptional. My favorite meal was spaghetti, but I know a lot of the other boys enjoyed the nachos.

The thing that challenged me the most about Hunter Boys Ag Camp was playing spotlight at night. I found it hard because I could barely see and I kept running into spiky bushes. However, I still really enjoyed it.

The leaders at Hunter Boys Ag Camp were awesome, encouraging and providing. One example of this was when I was given a Bible. Before the camp I didn’t own a Bible, so while doing the Bible studies I didn’t have one. Baden, a camp leader, gave me my first Bible. In it he wrote what to pray about and what to read. I want to say thank you to all the leaders from the camp.

My number one lasting memory from Camp was sitting on the top of a massive mountain reading the Bible and talking to my mates. The camp was truly amazing and I recommend going on it! I know I'll be coming back next year for Camp!


James (leader)

It wasn't until the last camper had trudged to the top of the mountain overlooking our campsite, that I could finally take a breath. The joy and thankfulness of reaching the summit with a group of committed leaders and 7 boys who had learnt about Jesus, was an answer to the prayers of many.

About 12 months before, Miriam and I had seen the potential for a great Scripture Union campsite at Lostock. We had been encouraged by a local dairy farming family (Brian and Mary Horn) and members of the local Anglican Church to run the first Hunter Ag Camp. The Horn's were keen for growth in Christian ministry in their area, and together with Glenn and SU NSW, we worked until a fantastic team and the practical aspects of a new camp were established.

We are currently looking to grow Hunter Ag Camp in 2016 to be a 4-day boys camp followed by a 4-day girls camp. We prayerfully ask that God may bless the camp in many ways as he did this year.