Junior Bike Camp

The Best Holiday Camp You'll Ever Have!

Cycling and Camping in the School Holidays

Junior Bike Camp is a cycle touring holiday camp run in New South Wales, Australia for guys and girls in years 7 & 8 at school. We usually ride our bikes from one major regional town to another, while camping along the way. Below are all the details about Junior Bike Camp. If you have any further questions, look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or email the Junior Bike Camp Directors.

The ride

On Junior Bike Camp, we average about 40kms per day – some days are shorter and hillier but generally the long days are easier terrain. We have all day to get there so we average a cycling speed of about 10kms per hour with breaks about every 5 to 10kms to keep the group together. If you are a super fit cyclist, this might sound too slow for you but don´t worry, your need for speed will be satisfied! We ride on a mixture of sealed and unsealed roads that are carefully planned to avoid traffic.

Your mountain bike

You will need your own mountain bike with gears and you are legally required to wear a helmet. Any mountain bike is fine, you don´t need anything fancy or expensive, just a bike that´s the right size for you, in good working order. A service from a local bike shop before camp is ideal. We highly recommend getting your bike out before camp and going for a few rides. This will get you used to the saddle and may also help you find any mechanical problems before camp.

Food and accommodation

Camping in tents or under the stars is half the fun of Junior Bike Camp. Sometimes we camp in the bush or at local showgrounds or camp sites. If the weather is bad we sometimes stay in shearing sheds or local church halls. We feed you well on camp with an outdoor kitchen and camp fire. Everyone shares the job of making a hot breakfast in the morning, sandwiches for lunch and a big hearty dinner after the day's ride. Some of our delicious dinners include Spaghetti Bolognaise, Beef Stroganoff or Satay Chicken followed by peaches and custard or ice cream. No one is ever hungry after these dinners!

Your stuff

You don't have to carry your gear on your bike. We have two support vehicles which carry all our luggage, tents, food and kitchen gear. The two support vehicles are with us throughout the camp and carry signs warning for local traffic. The leaders take turns in driving the support vehicles - other than this, leaders ride the same ride as the campers. It is good to have a day-pack with you because you will not have access to your luggage during the day. Read the detailed list of what to bring on Junior Bike Camp.


SU Junior Bike Camp is directed by married couple Peter and Jodie Oste. Jodie has been hooked on Bike Camp since she first signed up when she was in year nine at school.

The other leaders on Junior Bike Camp have been trained for the task and work together as a team for several months before camp. They take time out of their busy schedules and family lives to support Peter and Jodie in the planning and organisation of the camp as well as to do the ride. Members of the leadership team pay the same fees as the campers to keep the costs as low as possible for everyone.

The reason

Junior Bike Camp is all about taking on a challenge and getting out into the great outdoors to burn some energy. The leaders on camp are committed Christians who will be talking to you about how this makes their lives so much better. We have a Bible study each morning around the camp fire and to give you some food for thought.

The start of camp

We meet at the start of Junior Bike Camp in Sydney and Orange on Friday afternoon. From there we travel in cars to the campsite where we will start the ride the next morning. At the end of camp, we are picked up by cars and delivered back to Sydney or Orange. If you live enroute to the start of the ride (eg in the Blue Mountains if we go that way) we can usually arrange to pick you up on the way.

The cost

SU Junior Bike Camp is one of the most affordable camps around and costs $140. This includes your food, transport & camping.

If you can't afford the camp fees please contact the Junior Bike Camp Directors as SU can sponsor up to half the cost in difficult circumstances. Members of the leadership team pay the same fees as the campers to keep the costs as low as possible for everyone. So what are you waiting for?
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