Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions that we are asked. If you have a question that isn't covered here or in the About Junior Bike Camp section, then contact us

What should I bring?

  • Your bike!
  • A helmet (you are required by law to wear a helmet)
  • A water bottle preferably fitted to your bike - 1 litre bottle is best
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap
  • Wet weather gear - something you can ride in
  • Pillow and warm sleeping bag (extra blankets if you wish)
  • Warm clothes for the evenings and to sleep in (it will be very cold at night)
  • Lots of socks and underwear
  • Clothes to ride in: shorts and T shirts (bright colours are good for visibility)
  • Toiletries
  • A towel
  • A spare inner tube that fits your tyres
  • A back pack to use as a day pack (you won't have access to you main luggage during the day)

Not essential but nice to have...

  • A torch and batteries
  • Cycling gloves
  • A puncture repair kit
  • A lilo or roll mat
  • A tent
  • A little spending money - there is always plenty of food, but you may like to bring a few dollars for the odd icecream on the road
  • Your bible
  • A pen and a note book
  • An instrument if you play one

What NOT to bring...

  • Your best threads - don´t bring any clothes that you wouldn´t want to get dirty
  • iPods, radios or electronic games
  • Anything expensive or fragile eg expensive camera, mobile phone

I'm thinking about coming on camp but I'm not sure if I can keep up as I don't ride my bike much. Will the pace be too fast for me?

We average about 10km per hour which isn't very fast and we make sure that everyone gets all the rest they need. We also plan the ride route so that it's not too hilly. If you have average fitness you will be fine. We take breaks every 5 to 7km and sometimes we hold the faster riders back so that you won't feel like you're coming last!

I do a lot of riding and other sports and am really fit. 10km per hour sounds too slow for me. Will I be bored?

If you are a super-fit cyclist, have no fear, your need for speed will be satisfied! No one has ever gone home from Bike Camp saying we rode too slow or not far enough. Sometimes we send the faster riders on a detour so that they cover more kilometres and more challenging terrain. Sometimes we give the slower riders a big head start and the faster riders have to try and catch up before the end of the section. Usually by the end of camp everyone is riding together at a very similar pace.

I don't have a bike but I still really want to come on camp. Can you help?

You need to provide your own bike but there are back yards and garages all over Australia with bikes in them that are not being used! Try asking a neighbour or school friend if you can borrow their bike, but make sure it is the right size for you and that the seat is a guy's seat if you are a guy and a girl's seat if you are a girl. If you have no luck with friends or neighbours, you can hire a bike from some bike shops. Alternatively, contact the camp directors as we may be able to arrange a bike that we can lend to the right size people if you ask nicely!

What is the best type of bike for Junior Bike Camp?

You don't need anything fancy, but you will need a mountain bike with gears or good working brakes! You will not be able to make the distance on a BMX or a three-speed cruiser. This is a cycle camp and we cover a lot of kilometres. The ideal bike for Junior Bike Camp is a light weight 21-speed mountain bike or hybrid with a comfy seat. Whilst camp will include some off-road sections such as fire trails and MTB single-track a mountain with suspension is not essential.

Do I need cycling nicks to ride in?

Your butt will be grateful for the extra padding but you don't have to have cycling nicks. Some of us just ride in shorts and a T shirt. Cycling gloves, whilst not essential are strongly recommended. Make sure all your clothes are comfortable for riding. A tip from us: jeans are not comfortable riding gear!

Do I need to bring any tools for my bike?

You need to bring one spare inner tube that fits your bike. Other than that, we carry all the gear we need for minor repairs. It is handy to have a pump and puncture repair kit on your bike but not essential.

I don't have a tent. Is that OK?

No problem. If you have a tent of your own then bring it but if you don't, we have some extra tents or you can share with someone who does have a tent. Guys and girls pitch their tents separately and their areas are out of bounds to each other. If you have a swag you can bring it and sleep in that.

My parents want to visit me during the camp. Is this OK?

This is your week away and we do not recommend that your parents pay you a visit. It kind of changes the mood of camp if we have parents dropping in. It is also a danger to the cyclists on the road to have extra cars following them.

I would like to come on camp but I'll be on my own. Do I have to bring a friend?

Absolutely not. Many of the kids on camp come on their own and make friends on day one. Some people bring a friend with them but we're all friends by the end of camp. There have been friendships formed on Bike Camp that have lasted for decades!

I live closer to the start of the ride than I do to Sydney or Orange. Can I get someone to drop me off at the start of the ride rather than travel all the way to Sydney or Orange?

Good idea, you can meet us there. We are usually at the campsite for the first night between 7:30-8:30pm. Please let the camp directors know that you will be meeting us at the start rather than in Sydney or Orange because they need to know this for transport logistics. We will then let you know exactly when and where to meet us in that town.

I live a long way from Sydney or Orange and a long way from the start of camp. Can I travel to Sydney or Orange the day before camp starts and be put up for the night?

Yes. We can arrange for you to stay overnight at the home of one of the other camper's families in Sydney or Orange, the night before camp. Just let us know well in advance.

Just how churchy is this camp? Will we be talking about God and the Bible all day and all night?

The format for the camp includes a Bible study each morning after breakfast, before we start peddling for our next destination. This is the only formal Christian element to the camp, other than saying grace before dinner! The leaders are willing to talk to you about how having a relationship with God makes their life so much better and are keen to share their personal stories with you when the opportunities arise.