Reflections on Junior Bike Camp


Caleb (camper)

This was my first year on Junior Bike Camp, after I saw the newsletter with all the camps on it during the spring holidays.

I really enjoyed meeting people, riding through the forests and studying the book of Daniel. I just wish that camp was longer.

I was encouraged in my faith and I learnt that if we believe in Jesus he will always help us in hard times.

I loved the toasties we ate.

The riding was physically challenging, especially on some of the tracks. The leaders helped us whenever we struggled and would walk with us too.

I made great friends and my best memory was the bike tracks around Orange, they were pretty cool.

Hannah (camper)

2016 was my first year at Junior Bike Camp. I found out about the camp from the directors Pete and Jodie Oste, who attend my church. I looked forward to camp for all of term three.

We rode 130.1 kms over four days around Orange, Mt Canobolas and Blayney. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed it. Except the massive mountain climb up Mount legs were "not happy!"

At Junior Bike Camp we studied the book of Daniel, and in quiet time we looked at a few different Psalms. The leaders were always encouraging and ready to have a joke. I was really encouraged to see how the characters in Daniel were willing to trust God even in really bad circumstances - if only I could trust like that. That's a big thing to trust God with your life.

My favourite meal at camp was probably dessert. Especially the last night's: ice cream and brownie... yum! If I could change one thing about camp I would make even more forests and skinny tracks to ride on like we did in Kinross Forest.

My friend from school and I were the only girls at camp, yet we still managed to make friends with most of the other 14 boys.


Matthew (camper)

As this was my first year at Junior Bike Camp: it was the best camp that I have ever been on in my life. We rode 90.5 kilometres through the Yengo National Park in the Hunter Valley, which was an amazing experience.

I found out about Junior Bike Camp through my youth group. I decided to come along because I absolutely love mountain bike riding and road riding. I loved the massive hill climbs, the downhills full of jumps, camping out, making many new friends, and being taught more about the Bible and the truth of Jesus.

If I could change on thing about Junior Bike Camp it would be to have less food breaks so we could ride for longer.

At Junior Bike Camp we were really challenged to look at Jesus and the Bible and to figure out for ourselves if God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are real. We were given a very good introduction to the Bible by our leaders. We were really challenged to look at the character of Jesus.

Some of the mountains were really quite challenging the climb and flipping toasties on the BBQ was a bit of a challenge.

Making new friends was really very effortless considering that all the Junior Bike Camp members got along really well! So I ended up making many new friends and I knew nobody at the start so you don't need to worry if that's like you.

Every leader on Camp were strong in their faith in Christ and that really stood out to me and the rest of the campers. They showed love to all of us in many ways: from building new parts of our bikes, to walking with us up the hill even when they could have kept riding. Also, their love to us through God has been really encouraging.

This will all be a lasting memory for me. It is a no-brainer to come along to Junior Bike Camp.


Kane (camper)

Hi, I’m Kane and I went on Junior Bike Camp on October 3rd and we travelled from Rylstone to Denham. I was a little hesitant to go on Bike camp because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough strength or stamina to make the distance.

One of the highlights was riding DOWN the hill on day two. After a huge first day of only riding up hills it was totally bliss to ride back down. It gave me a sense of achievement that I could push myself physically and mentally. It felt rewarding at the end of each day to see how far we rode.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the rocks and tricky obstacles, and the single track was the best. Camp did encourage me in my bike riding and I definitely enjoy riding more now. My stamina skills in riding uphill have improved through bike camp as well.

We would often pray around the fire and one night we sang songs. In the mornings we broke off into little groups to talk about God and the Bible. It challenged me to think more about what I do through Christ, like the way I speak and live through Jesus. The leaders were clear at explaining the Bible and that helped me understand the Bible more.

For anyone thinking about going on a Bike Camp but are worried and unsure, all I can say is GO. I was unsure, but it was all worth it and I’ll be doing it again next year.