Rebuilding Together

For many years, the Scripture Union Vanuatu IDS campsite in Port Vila has provided a much-needed income stream to support the work of SU Vanuatu. It is an important place of growth and development for school groups and international visitors (including our Schoolies and V Journey teams).

Sadly, the campsite suffered significant damage during Cyclone Pam in March 2015. But by God’s grace it has been completely redesigned and is being rebuilt by SU volunteers to be an even more effective mission base.

“We have felt extremely blessed and privileged to be part of a wide team of people from all over,” says Alana Smith, who has served on several building trips as one of the cooks. Her husband Greg is the architect who has been involved with the planning stages as well as co-ordinating several teams involved in the campsite’s reconstruction. “It is so great to see people from New Zealand, Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria as well as our Sydney friends come together and get things done.”

Jenny and Tony Gellert also helped with feeding the construction team of around 30 men. “It was certainly eye-opening,” says Jenny. “But it was so incredibly rewarding that we are going back again in June this year. We felt so blessed to be part of it.”

Building update & needs
Accommodation for 40 should be completed by end of 2017. The new bunk rooms have already been used by the locals and they love them. More camps are booked for 2017 already; it is very exciting to see the site being used again!

We are hoping to build another block to increase the number of beds to 60 by end of 2018. Plans for 2018 also include building a toilet and shower block and a kitchen facility for the campsite. We anticipate building will continue for the next few years.

If you are interested in helping in May/June 2018, email . We particularly need people who can help with installing bathrooms and kitchens, and donation of materials (eg, toilets) would also greatly help.

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