Shaping young leaders

ISCF Leadership Conference shapes young Christians as leaders in their schools and beyond.

Josh Carter (left), a year 10 student from Tamworth who attended last year, was happy to discover that he wasn’t alone in his desire to live out the gospel at school.

“Conference was a great time to meet other people who were keen on sharing the Bible with their school communities,” Josh says. “I was encouraged that there are people like me, all of whom want to see others grow in Christ.“

Josh found that he picked up a lot of great ideas just from watching others. “I was able to see how other people lead Bible studies, using the gifts God has given them in order to teach in a fun and effective way. I even got to lead one myself! One of the things that I learnt was that it’s important for a Bible study to have a well-timed structure.”

As for the ongoing impact of Conference, Josh has already stepped out in leadership, starting up a Bible study for years 5 and 6 at his school. It has also made him more confident to talk to people about their faith, as well as sharing his own faith and testimony.

“Conference was a great time to share with others what I know about Christ and to learn from them,” he says. “It was a time to learn, to share and to have fun with each other, all in the name of Christ and for Christ.”

Watch other past delegates express their thoughts on camera, and register for this year’s conferences in Springwood and Tamworth here.

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