SUNews - The Way Ahead

Christ's representatives to holiday-makers

Up and down the NSW coast last summer, thousands and thousands of people ranging in age from toddlers to retirees would have heard the name of Jesus spoken. For some it would have been for the very first time. That is the beauty of Beach Mission!

Steve Windsor, SU Missions Director, said the opportunities that Beach Mission offers are unique. People are on holidays, Steve said, and they have the time to think and ponder on the bigger questions of life – “they are relaxed, their defences are down, they are in a beautiful place, they are willing to ask questions, and we are able to move in and tell them the truth.”

But challenges are ahead which can be summarised as leadership and location. There is a critical shortage of people willing to take on leadership roles, and without leaders there can be no Beach Missions. Also there is increasing pressure on the traditional sites, with change of use and higher park fees.

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