SUFm Gerringong 694

SUFM Are Looking For Families

Many people who come to SUFM activities and events are families. So naturally the best people on team to share with families are families...people who understand the real life issues of being a family.

On an SUFM, each family member has a role to play on team. Parents can bring wisdom and maturity to balance out the energy of the younger team members. And children on team are able to mix with the young people in the caravan park or town and encourage them to participate in SUFM activities.

A typical day for a parent on mission might include: fellowship time with other team members in the morning; chatting to mums & dads over a cuppa whilst the kids participate in SUFM activities; organising group activities for adults; having time out with the kids at the pool in the afternoon; and joining in the fun at the evening family events.

Several families have shared with us their experience of being on SUFM. You can watch this video or read the article below to find out more.

This is a truly unique Christian family experience and opportunity.


Contact SU to inquire about joining a team.