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SU Missions are REAL missions. You spend about 10 days in a community where you will experience unique opportunities to build friendships, have conversations and show Jesus' love to the people you meet.

SU Missions are LOCAL missions. The great advantage of these missions is that you can already speak the language and know the customs of the locals and tourists you meet. You can share both the cricket score and the beach, the snags on the BBQ and the good news of Jesus with anyone.


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Under the leadership of the Team Directors, the team functions as a body, working together to share the gospel. To facilitate this, each person is allocated specific roles according to their gifts and abilities.

During the year, team members spend time preparing for mission. This includes: praying for the mission, training on different aspects of mission, attending team meetings and fulfilling the responsibilities of your role on team.

While on mission your faith will be put into action every day and every PART of the day. Your day could include: door-knocking, studying the Bible and worshipping God with the team, helping run evening activities and simply hanging out with the locals or the other holiday-makers.

And it doesn't stop after mission. On-going contact with those you meteor mission can deepen friendships and allow you to become part of their faith journey.

It is full on for God!!

Experience the thrill of short term mission through SU Missions. It will be an ADVENTURE as you see GOD WORK through the activities, conversations, relationships and YOU!


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Scripture Union Family Missions (SUFM) need families

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