Testimonials - North Coast Junior Ag Camp


Caleb (camper)

On North Coast Junior Ag Camp I had a great time. It was my first time going there which meant I could make lots of new friends.

While I was there I learnt a lot about people who met Jesus, and on the last day we had a church service at Rollands Plain Hall. At church the campers sung songs we had learnt through the week.

In the afternoons we would go to farms in tent groups and do a bit of farm work. My tent group went to a dairy farm, an organic chicken and dairy farm, and a beef cattle farm. My favourite was the beef cattle farm, they had Santa Gertrudis cattle and I really like Santa Gertrudis. We helped the cattle through the crush and ear tagged them. The week was a great and sometimes challenging.

The food was great and we could have seconds most of the time, from breakfast to dinner the cooks were amazing and we had amazing deserts every night.

All in all I had a fabulous time and would highly recommend this camp to anyone who was interested in agriculture and God.

Elizabeth (camper)

This was my third year on camp, my mother went on Ag Camp when she was younger and we know the director, Pete Smith.

I enjoyed extending my knowledge about Jesus and being encouraged in my faith.

I also enjoyed just being there, making new friends and having fun. The only thing I would change is being able to go to the beach for our day out together.

I learnt on North Coast Junior Ag Camp that we should not judge others, I expanded my knowledge about Jesus and that we should continually renew ourselves and let God shape us. We learnt about excuses that people make for not following Jesus.

My favourite food was burritos and the amazing breakfast of hash browns, bacon and eggs.

The leaders demonstrated God’s love to us by putting aside their phones and worldly worries and focusing on being a good leaders.

My lasting memory of North Coast Junior Ag Camp is the love of God, making new friends and the love everyone had for each other. I will also never forget my amazing leaders Dominque and Estelle.

Daniel (camper)

I have only been to North Coast Junior Camp once, I heard about it by my mother knowing the director, Peter Smith.

I most enjoyed going to different farms and interacting with different animals.

I learnt from the Bible talks that many people make up excuses for not following God, and that even as Christians we sometimes try and make excuses to sin and disobey God.

I made new friends by being in the same tent group and hanging out with other kids my age.

The leaders demonstrated God’s love to me by showing kindness to me and looking after me on the farm trips.

My lasting memory would be the chicken farm where we got to handle 800 chicks that were a couple of days old.

Parents of campers Elizabeth and Daniel

Since returning home from camp the children have told us many happy stories about North Coast Junior Ag Camp. They mentioned that it was the best Ag Camp so far.

Gary asked Elizabeth what she learnt about God at camp this morning and she didn’t stop for 15 minutes (actually Gary had to stop her as he had to get out of the car).

They spoke of the caring leaders, excellent talks, great food and the wonderful time that they had overall. Gary and I would like to say thank you so much to all the people involved in organising and running the camp. We understand that considerable sacrifices are made to make a camp like this work, but the impact for Jesus in the lives of the children can last a lifetime which makes it all worth it.


Alana (camper)

North Coast Junior Ag Camp - what a lovely bunch of words. NC Junior Ag Camp is something I look forward to every year and enjoy so much! I've being going to Camp for 3 years, and every years has been a blessing.

Milking cows, drenching sheep, building fences and most importantly, diving into God's word. The talks given by the leaders are truly inspiring. Exodus is my favourite book of the Bible purely because of the amazing talks given on it, and the facts we often miss.

There is also another fantastic aspect of Camp... food! Now, this isn't just any food. This is NC Junior Ag Camp food and it is so delicious. From shepherd's pie, to chocolate pudding and ice cream. The cooks are so talented and never fail to provide a beautiful meal.

This year, with 39 campers it was not hard to make new friends, especially when you're all there for the sam reasons: God and agriculture. As with all camps many traditions came about. At meal times we would make up a rhyme encouraging someone to come out the front and tell a funny story.

NC Junior Ag Camp also consists of an array of night activities. These include spotlight, minute to win it, and tent group challenges (all of which are very competitive). As the tent groups battle it out we would use teamwork and encouragement to win.

NC Junior Ag Camp is so much fun and I look forward to it next year as a senior camper.

Amity (camper)

North Coast Junior Ag Camp! The words fill my heart with great excitement. My feet jump for joy as the camp finally comes around each year. I first attended NC Junior Ag Camp two years ago, when I was in year 7. I found out about this extraordinary, breathtaking experience through my church.

I have had many heart-warming memories during my three amazing years at Camp. One of the would be meeting new friends to share those memories with.

I most enjoy being with young Christians and sharing our faith in Jesus Christ. During the magnificent six days at Camp, we learnt about Exodus, and the close connections it has to the life and death of Jesus. The talks and discussions encouraged me to live my life for the Lord and make him my number one priority.

The cooks of North Coast Junior Ag Camp 2015 were an outstanding bunch gifted by God. I especially loved the hash browns and bacon... lots and lots of bacon. If I could rate the quality of the dining - I would give it 5 stars (or 5 bacons).

Camp challenged me in many ways to think more about my relationship with God. I was encouraged to spend more time with him like you would with a best friend. Because, quite frankly, he is my best friend.

Throughout Camp I made many marvellous friends who I was pleased to spend NC Junior Ag Camp with. The leaders were such a blessing from God to have at Camp. I loved being encouraged by my leaders who were so kind and loving. I am glad I met wonderful people such as them. They shone a light to us campers and showed their love for God in many ways.

I loved every second of NC Junior Ag Camp and I cannot wait to come back for another epic week with amazing friends.

Maddie (camper)

2015 was my fourth North Coast Junior Ag Camp. My church is an active participant and supporter of NC Junior Ag Camp and in year 7 I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I fell in love with it and haven't missed one since.

I love making new friendships with other campers, getting away from the outside world, playing crazy games, learning about agriculture, helping out local farmers, and most importantly taking time out to learn about the Lord God Almighty.

The talks this year centred around Slavery and Passover - in the time of Moses and Jesus. The speakers skilfully told the story of the Israelites enslavement to Egypt and their escape via the Passover and the parallels to our slavery to sin and our freedom through Jesus; our Passover Lamb. The speakers challenged us to consider 'slavery' and 'freedom' in a new light. This helped me to really appreciate what Jesus did for me on the cross.

The leaders at NC Junior Ag Camp are much more like wise, older siblings than leaders. They help us to see God's love in action. They are a constant source of advice and friendship and are an essential part of NC Junior Ag Camp.

My lasting memory of NC Junior Ag Camp will always be a fantastic group of teenagers giving up their holidays, heading out to the middle of nowhere, having fun, and learning about God.

I thoroughly recommend NC Junior Ag Camp to anyone who is curious about God and the Bible. The only catch is they have to be ready for some crazy fun in the bush.


Chloe (camper)

Since I first started going to North Coast Junior Ag Camp in 2011 (hearing about it through church), I have been looking forward to the September school holidays every year.

With canoeing, creating Henna tattoos, milking goats and Nerf gun wars being just a handful of the activities campers may partake in, you can understand why I am so motivated to attend each year.

You also have the opportunity to experience what life is like as one of the local farmers as you visit a different farm each day where there is plenty of hands-on action (from gold panning and planting seeds to ‘Preg-testing’ cows and castrating lambs).

Along with the endless agricultural activities, Ag Camp is filled with people who are passionate for the Lord. The daily talks and devotions all relate to a particular topic and always leave you with questions and a desire to hear more about how God wants us to live. These questions can be answered by any of the God-driven leaders on Ag Camp, who are also willing to have a chat with you about virtually anything.

Since being on camp I have developed not only farm skills (like fencing and catching chickens), but skills I use in my life every day, such as reading my Bible regularly and having enthusiasm to tell people about Jesus.

Being surrounded by people who have an interest in agriculture and the same love for God as I do is very encouraging and I always leave Ag Camp feeling refreshed and ready to live my life for Christ.

Bronte (leader)

I was given the opportunity to lead on the North Coast Ag Camp in Gloucester this year. This was my first SU Camp and therefore I wasn't sure what to expect, however after getting into the groove of things I loved the genuine experience of leading my Year 8 girls.

Getting to know them and the other campers was awesome, even when a few cheeky kids started a shaving cream fight!

I had never lead on a camp before and it was a challenge showing the campers Christ's Love, especially at 11pm when the last thing the girls wanted to do was fall asleep!

Seeing them open up during discussions and Bible study and later bonding over the farm activities was a huge blessing.

Over the week we visited local beef, poultry and dairy farms. During one outing, my girls and I had the slightly traumatizing experience of ‘preg-testing’ a pregnant cow! I tell you, there is nothing quite like the gory glory of feeling an unborn calf’s heartbeat.

Gazing over the picturesque Gloucester hills at lunchtime, we got a chance to hear about the lifestyles and ancestry of the local farming families. Sharing Christ with them on site and later on the Collaborator's Night was also a rewarding experience.

Sharing Jesus with the kids came with its challenges, such as writing my first talk on Modesty for the Girl's Night, but I'd love to give it another crack next year! I’ve made new friendships and strengthened old ones, but most importantly, I saw God’s love in action.