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Outback Adventure Camp

A back to basics adventure camp where you will challenge yourself and grow. Packed full of activities, challenges, and most importantly life skills, this camp is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really experience the Aussie bush life.




Pindari Dam, near Inverell


Boys and girls in school years 7-12


Please contact the if cost is an issue.

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Registrations are not currently open for Outback Adventure Camp 2020.

Our topic this year is Growing deeper in your relationship with Jesus : walking the walk daily

Our Speaker Tim
Life’s greatest adventure is your relationship with Jesus. He has created us on earth for His glory and will do amazing things through us.
I gave my life to Christ at a young age, and experiencing His Faith, Hope and Love is incredible. I first started in Christian ministry and leadership in my mid-teens, being involved in kids’ clubs, Sunday School, Youth group, Church service and worship, and holiday kids camps. After I finished school, I spent a lot of time studying and researching Christian theology and apologetics. I got a degree in secondary education and afterward went to New Zealand for a couple of months to study Christian Ministry and Adventure leadership, I then spent 2 years full-time teaching, and am now working as an Outdoor Adventure instructor at Pindari Adventures, currently involved with the local youth group and run a weekly Bible study locally. I am currently in the process of designing and creating a Bible and Ministry Adventure camp for young adults, here at Pindari.