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Frequently asked questions

Who is <reboot> for?

The camp is open to all high school students interested in computing and technology.

What happens at <reboot>?

During the day you’ll be part of a group workshop where you create something to show at the end of the camp. We have a wide range of workshops: 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, network programming, and video compositing are just a few of the amazing things you could learn from our talented and experienced leaders. Who knows, with the skills you learn, <reboot> may be the beginning of a future career!

<reboot> isn’t just about sharpening your tech skills. We have some amazing evening activites in store for you, which involve some careful strategy, fast running and clever thinking! There’ll be some fantastic outdoors games and you’ll have lots of opportunities to make new friends and learn from people who really know what they’re talking about.

Our crack team of leaders are not only experienced and talented individuals, they’re also Christians who want to share their faith in Jesus, how it impacts our lives, and what all this has to do with computing and technology. You’ll get the opportunity to talk about these issues with our leaders and your fellow campers in some small discussion groups.

If you want to see photos from past camps to get a feel for <reboot>, check out our photo album.

Do I need to know stuff already to attend <reboot>?

No! Even if you have never touched a computer, we'll make sure you feel at home.

I know a lot already. Should I come along? Will I learn anything?

We have designed the workshops so one will be just right for you. Our leaders not only know a lot about their specialty area, they are also great teachers, so they know both how to help beginners and how to stretch the experts.

Can I bring my laptop and mobile device?

Yes! We have computers at the camp for you to use, but you can use your own laptop too if you like. Nearly all the software we use is cross platform and free.

Is there free time?

Yes. We have some great fun non-tech activities planned.

What should I bring to camp?

Soon after receipt of your registration, we will email you with details of what to bring.