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Testimonials - <reboot>


Luke (camper)

I have been on <reboot> Camp for two years, I found out about it through my friend Chris, who told me about a camp with computers.

I enjoyed making games on the computers, the computer “Game Maker” and everything. I was challenged with problem solving in the role play game and if I could change one thing, it would be that more of my friends could come.

I learnt that the Church is a body with different parts and that all the parts are needed.

My favourite meal was the chicken wraps, yum!

I was able to make friends by talking with people during the electives and meal times. The leaders demonstrated God’s love for me during small groups, making us meals, and practical help with computers.

My lasting memory would be the last night, it was a role play game and an adventure in Medieval times.

Daniel (camper)

This was my first year at <reboot> Camp, I found out about it through my brother who had attended an Ag Camp, and my dad was a leader a while ago.

I loved how much we learnt in a short time.

I feel that since I went to <reboot> I am a lot closer to Jesus. I feel that <reboot> challenged my learning about Jesus and studying his word.

I made friends though the workshops, and by saying hello in the dining room when we were all together.

The leaders looked after us and always made sure we were okay.

My lasting memory would be when I fell off my big airbed and landed on Ando.

Aleesha (camper)

This was my first year at <reboot> Camp and I had an amazing time. I will definitely be back next year. My mum was the one who found it first, through the Scripture Union Facebook page, and she asked me if I was interested.

I enjoyed everything about camp, although I did love the game time after dinner the most.

I have to say it was a pretty perfect camp, and there is almost nothing I would change other than trying to get more girls to go.

I learnt a lot more about the body of Christ and it was all a great reminder of how everyone has their own part to play.

All the food was amazing and it's hard to choose just one, but the chicken bake meal we had for one of the dinners was delicious.

Being an introvert it was good for me to get out and talk to lots of new people. And it was great to meet people who could challenge me with my programming, and help me to advance my skills. I made new friends by consistently being around people and talking to them at meals and through my Bible study group.

The leaders were so positive and encouraging and very willing to help you with any troubles or problems you had.

My lasting memory would definitely be the people, everyone was just so friendly and great to talk to. This camp without any doubt has been the best camp I have ever been to and I don't think I will ever forget those three days.


Marylyn (camper)

I first heard about <reboot> from my IT teacher who was going to be a camp leader at <reboot>. As it was my first time going to <reboot>, first time travelling alone, and I was one of only two girls - I did not know what to expect. I caught the 1:00am train in the morning and was warmly welcomed at Penrith station by two of the camp leaders. I was introduced to another girl attending the camp and we were taken for a tour of the vast number of workshops offered so that we could choose which we wanted to do the most. I like that if there were two workshops that we wanted to do we had the choice of doing one for half the time and then changing.

I chose 'creative space' and it was there I learnt to build and program robots. It was a nice and fun environment where you had the choice to do what you wanted. Your only limit was your imagination.

We also had sessions and group activities where we talked about God. It was in these sessions that I learnt how I can be close to God and made plenty of friends.

At the end of the camp our parents could come and see everything we were working on during the camp. I caught the long train home, excited to come back next year and with my lasting memory being all the team bonding during the night-time glow stick activity.

Mason (camper)

In September 2015, I attended my third <reboot>. I guess you could say I am a veteran <reboot> camper as I have been attending since the camp started in 2013... and I have the shirts to prove it!

In the past I have been to some SUFM events at Old Bar and Bulli. They had fun activities and were aimed at different ages. I first hear about <reboot> from Karl Rudd, one of the camp leaders. He invited me and some other boys from my church to come along.

During the first camp I did the workshop where we had to build a robot out of Lego. We played robot games and had competitions to test our robots and our programming skills. It was fun to construct the robots and help others along the way.

At the second camp, I joined the 3D printing workshop where I took on the task of building a 3D printer from a kit. It took me three days to assemble the kit. It was challenging but fun, and it was awesome to see it being used this year by other campers. With four 3D printers going this year; the projects keep getting better and better. My favourite was the 3D printed chess pieces.

During this year's workshop I built and flew a quadcopter. This involved soldering, zip tying and lots of screws and bolts. Controlling the completed quadcopters was challenging to learn. It is a real art getting the balance right. Christ taught us so much about the quadcopter 'world' and gave demonstrations of their awesomeness by taking pictures of us from the air.

All of the leaders were kind and patient with us and talked of God inspiring our creativity. We learnt that God is the ultimate creator and how we are created in his image. The leaders were very friendly to the campers: chatting, sharing meals and hanging out. Night-time activities are a surprise and wear you out in body and mind. Luckily the food is great. Chicken casserole was my favourite this year.

I'm already looking forward to next year's <reboot>!

Samuel (camper)

<reboot> has been awesome to go to. I've been going for the past three years, since it first started, and I will continue to go in the future.

All the leaders and other campers are friendly and very enthusiastic about technology.

The workshops available are incredible. There are a vast range of opportunities to discover with leaders running workshops they really love. It really creates a friendly environment to be in.

The leaders are also very passionate about God and love to help you strengthen your faith, as well as the other campers. If you have any worries about what you learnt from the talk, the leaders are more than happy to speak to you so you fully understand it. The leaders that run <reboot> are incredible with how much effort they put in to making sure that every camper has a lovely time and everyone wants to come back.

I have made many friends at <reboot> over the years who have also come back for more fun. How friendly everyone is just makes you feel very comfortable and allows you to have more fun.

I'd highly recommend <reboot> to anyone who has a passion for computers or creative design. I only wish it went for longer! I have developed many skills including programming, programming arduino, and building and programming quadcopters.


Harry (camper)

My first year at <reboot> has been awesome: making friends, playing games and being with like minded nerds was so much fun! Since being on camp I have learnt how to code in GML (a language used in the program game maker) to make entertaining experiences for others to enjoy.

Reboot is perfect for those who want to bring their friends who might not know much about Jesus. It will also help you learn more about the amazing world that God has made and possibly more about yourself. If you are on the fence thinking about <reboot>, don't worry about it - anyone is welcome at any skill level of computing.

Sienna (camper)

<Reboot > is the best school holiday camp I have ever been to. The location where <reboot> is held is amazing.

There are rooms with many computers in a classroom layout so it is easy and fun learning from the leaders. Outside there is a huge oval surrounded by bushland where we had many fun activities like Stratego and Fresh.

At <reboot> you can learn new and fun ways to use technology to your advantage. Last year, I learnt how I could use Augmented Reality to bring 3D models into the real world using a device. I also learnt about how useful 3D printers can be for printing small parts to repair things or to demonstrate a design or idea.

This year I learnt how to use Game Maker, a program that allows you make anything from Brick Breaker to a platform game. I made my own version of Brick Breaker as well a simple platform game with chess pieces as the characters.

The food and snacks at <reboot> were great; my favourites were the burritos and ice cream with fruit salad.

The leaders at <reboot> are friendly and welcoming. I like that they go to the trouble to learn new things to teach us at <reboot>.

I think <reboot> is a great camp for anyone who would like to learn more about technology and God in a beautiful, fun and friendly environment.

Kurt (leader)

The <reboot> Scripture Union Technology Camp is a God-send. In this age of technology and computers, a camp which encourages those in high school (years 7 through 12, both girls and boys) in their love of technology as well as their love and wonder in God has been a long time coming. It’s no wonder the majority of feedback has been to the effect of ‘that was the best camp ever, I want to sign up for next year now!’, ‘the camp should go for an entire week, or two weeks!’ or ‘you should have this camp multiple times through the year!’.

While learning about technology and working on cool projects, the campers also hear and learn about how technology and science isn’t opposed to the Christian faith but enhances it. The talks, Bible studies, and discussions throughout the camp are infused with thinking about how we can worship God with – and thank God for – the very minds that He gives us. We imitate Him as we make stuff, and wonder at His creativity as we look at the world around us.

Whether it be making figurines from 3D printers, programming competing ‘artificial intelligence’ algorithms on a computer the size of a calculator, using robotics and digital photography to create stop-motion animations fit with special effects, or designing and building a complete computer game – the ingenuity of the Reboot campers truly gives us reason to take great joy in the freedom and creativity He takes such delight at producing in us.

Placed in Nepean Christian School with its beautiful natural surrounds, there is much to be thankful for – it really does make many camp staff, leaders, and parents ask ‘Where was this camp when I was a kid?’