SU Rendezvous

Over a week, a team of volunteers of mixed ages visit schools and churches around Vanuatu to share the good news of Jesus. They stay at the SU Vanuatu Campsite (which was redeveloped in partnership with SU NSW) and get involved in mission around Vanuatu.

The objectives of the mission are:

  • to encourage the work of SU Vanuatu
  • to train, build and equip the members of the team in their personal faith and ministry skills
  • to build a resource base of people, passionate and willing to be equipped for ministry, especially in the French-speaking Pacific
  • to build a resource base of ministry materials to assist under-resourced French-speaking people
  • to build links and friendships between SU NSW and SU Vanuatu


Saturday 6th - Saturday 13th July, 2019




French-speaking boys and girls in years 9-12

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