Testimonials - SU Rendezvous


Emma V

I liked the wonderful team and how well we all worked together and how it could only have worked so well because of God working through us... I've learnt how even though the people of Vanuatu have, what we would call so little, they are so incredibly happy and so full of God. And I'm sure it's probably because of their reliance on God for their protection from circumstances like Pam and just they're everyday needs that creates in them such a love and respect for God.


I like the fact that the people in Vanuatu can see so much good from Pam… like how they think it's a blessing because people are starting to ask the bigger questions about God. I also liked the friendliness of all the woman at the markets.


I like how even though Pam seems like a negative thing for us, Vanuatu sees it as a positive as it brings more people to Christ. I also liked the seriousness of how they take the Bible and how committed they are. Also, how the village people could recognise the Scripture Union symbol and would stop us in the street ask us about what we're doing.

Katie Anne

For me it was made really clear that God has given us all different gifts and when we use those gifts together, with Gods help, we can be so much more effective. We all had important roles in this group that others couldn't fill.