Testimonials - Shearing Camp


Josiah (camper)

How long have you attended Shearing Camp?
Three awesome years.

How did you find out about Shearing Camp?
Mum receives SU News, and Dad went on SU Camps as a teenager. I then researched SU Camps running through the winter holidays.

What did you most enjoy about Shearing Camp?
Having fun and hearing God’s word with friends.

What did you learn about God, Jesus & the Bible at Shearing Camp?
The theme was on our Identity in Jesus.

What was you favourite meal at Shearing Camp?
Sausages and scrambled emu egg.

In what way did Shearing Camp, challenge you?
Physically and religiously.

What is your lasting memory of Shearing Camp?
An awesome week learning about God’s word and spending time with friends.