Frequently Asked Questions

What is SUPAserve?

SUPA Serve is an SU NSW initiative and was launched in 2003 at Yass. It has been run in places like Dorrigo (2004) and Narrabri (2005) over the years. It was in recess until 2011, when Glen Simpkins (SU NT) and Glenn Coombs revived it and launched SUPA Serve NT.

The aim of SUPA Serve is to motivate, train and support the current generation of Christian young people in years 7-11 to be active participants in introducing primary age children to Jesus, the Bible and the church. They do this under the supervision of an adult leader, with Bible and leadership training, and through running a KidsGames holiday club.

KidsGames is a multi day, multi group, sport focused, Bible based, global initiative for children. The whole approach is experiential. Games and sports are used to highlight real issues children face, and these issues are then addressed through the Bible discovery content.

Who is looking after the team?

The team will be led by Glenn Coombs and Carol Ramsay.

What will the weather be like?

Temperatures range from 25 to 27 but sometimes in the mornings and later at night it is a little cooler. It's the dry season and even though it isn’t hot it is very dry.

What to bring?

Please note that each person has restricted luggage (max 15kgs) as we will need to put some Kidsgames shirts into each of your bags.


  • Some form of identification ie student card / license so you can obtain your boarding pass
  • Bible (with your name in it), note book, pens
  • A backpack to use as a day pack (you won't have access to your main luggage during the day)
  • Two towels (bath and beach)
  • A refillable drink bottle - This is very important because it's the dry season and even though it isn’t hot it is very dry. Dehydration is a concern. So please make sure you pack a good drink bottle.
  • A pencil case with some textas, pencils etc. We will need to make up posters for talks and games. So bring whatever you think might be helpful

There are washing facilities and everything dries overnight! So you don’t have to pack heaps. The weather ranges from 25 to 27 but sometimes in the mornings and later at night it is a little cooler.

  • Sports clothes incl shorts and runners suitable for sports activities.
  • Smart casual clothes as we will be attending church
  • Long pants - we will be going camping, so long pants will be good at night
  • A light jacket or cardigan.
  • Sunglasses (it is very glary) and a hat
  • Swimmers


  • Any medication you need
  • Sun screen and insect repellent
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste

Note: There are restricted power points, so Carol will bring a hair dryer and straightener – save the room in your bag and use hers if you need to. In the mornings you need to be dressed and out of the house by 7:30 so you do not have heaps of time to spend on hair and makeup. Pack the minimum.

Not essential but nice to have...

  • A little spending money - there is always plenty of food, but you may like to bring a few dollars for the odd ice cream. Also we visit a local market (the amazing Mindil Markets).

What you can bring but are personally responsible for...

  • iPods, radios or electronic games
  • Anything expensive or fragile eg camera, mobile phone