SUPA Story

SUPA Story is an 8-panel tract presenting the story of the gospel through the iconography of the Warlpiri people of Central Australia.

This resource is designed to help indigenous Australians connect with the good news of Jesus in a fun and personal way.

SUPA Story is also a great resource for introducing non-indigenous Australians to the beauty of Aboriginal storytelling and to grow a greater appreciation and respect for Australian Indigenous culture.

This resource is FREE for all our registered SUPA clubs and ISCF groups across NSW.

Click here to view the SUPA Story tract.

SUPA Story can also be downloaded as a PowerPoint presentation or PDF flashcards to assist in teaching the gospel story to a small or larger group.

Each flash card presents the coloured iconography on the front to be held up to the group, whilst the backside of the flashcard contains the iconography with the teaching text for the leader to read out.

The SUPA Story tract can be handed out to students following the presentation so they can remember what they have learnt as well as share the good news with others!

Click here to view and download the SUPA Story flashcards.

Click here to view and download the SUPA Story PowerPoint.