C-SU Songwriter's Retreat

SU Songwriter's Retreat

Get inspired, enjoy music and learn from a team of leaders who are passionate about music & Jesus.

SU Songwriter’s Retreat is a four day camp to the beautiful, secluded Blue Mountains, providing a wonderful space to get inspired and develop your skills in songwriting and music.

SUSR is run by a team of music industry professionals, teachers, tutors, and songwriting hobbyists who love writing and performing music, but also sharing stories about God, who created music, and created us!

At SUSR, we will help you develop your strengths in songwriting with various activities & electives, including studio time, tutoring, group projects, and more.


Monday 15th to Thursday 18th July 2019


Kihilla Retreat
Lawson NSW


Girls & boys in years 9-12
Existing experience in and passion for playing an instrument or writing music necessary!



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