Scripture Union Missions

Scripture Union Missions are one of Australia’s biggest outreach events.

SU Missions aim to share the good news of Jesus with holiday-makers and locals, young and old, believers and not-yet-believers in locations all across NSW. They do this through big and small events, building friendships, and via walk-up evangelism and door-knocking. Every mission is different. But they all have the same desire to go and make disciples of Jesus.

Another unique opportunity presented by SU Missions is the ability to partner with local churches to do outreach in their area. This both trains and empowers the local Christians as well as encouraging them with the energy and enthusiasm that an SU Mission team brings.

There are two different types of SU Missions:

Scripture Union Family Missions (SUFM)

These mission teams usually set up (and sleep) in caravan parks, camping grounds, schools, and halls up and down the coast and in some rural towns of NSW. They run for five to ten days.

They deliver great kids programs in the mornings and/or afternoons as well as a range of family events like barn dances, trivia nights, movie nights and Masterchef cook offs for people on holiday!

There are plenty of opportunities to serve on an SUFM. The team demographics range from team kids, to young adults, to ‘grown-ups’ (mums and dads and the golden oldies). Anyone can get involved!


It’s impossible to generalise what a SUmmerlife team looks like. They all work differently, however, they all focus their attention predominately on sharing the gospel with teenagers and young adults – usually in town settings. Different techniques such as coffee shops in a local park, walk up evangelism or outdoor gigs are used to connect with the young people.

If you have a passion for youth or want to learn more about how you can share God's good news with them, a SUmmerlife team might be for you!

Get involved

We like to think of SU Missions as ministry-apprenticeships. You don’t need to complete a degree in mission before you join a team. All the learning is on the job! You will find that you grow in your relationship with God, learn new skills, put your gifts to work, and try new things like preaching, teaching, cooking, puppetry, teens ministry, kids ministry…even accounting! All while being an important light to those still in darkness.

Are you a Christian person ready for a ministry challenge? Do you have a heart for the people of NSW who aren’t in a relationship with God? Are you able to take 10 days off over the New Years Eve holiday period?

Find out today how you can join the 2000 volunteers already serving on an SU Mission team?